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How to Setup Behaviour Configurations for MyChildAtSchool

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This guide explains how to setup the Behaviour Configurations, determining what will be displayed to the Parent in MCAS.

From the left Menu go to Config > MyChildAtSchool > Behaviour

The Configuration area is where all the Widgets and Menu options are setup for the Parent Portal view of MCAS.

  • Enable Behaviour Module – choose whether it will be Enabled or not, Enabled will display the Widget on the Parent Portal
  • Behaviour Title – choose the Title for the module
  • Behaviour Module Subtitle – choose the Subtitle for the module
  • Display Events Legend – tick to display the Events Legend
  • Event Types – select which Event Types will be Visible and rename them if you wish, you can also select a colour for each
  • Visible Events – tick to display all of the Events or untick and select the Events to display from the dropdown list
  • Display unprocessed events in MCAS (not recommended) – ticking this option will display ALL Behaviour Events processed or unprocessed
  • Show Total Points (YTD) – select to display the Total Points for the Academic Year
  • Show Total Points (All Time) – select to display the Total Points for All Time
  • Show Selected Action Totals – select to display the selected Action Totals

When the Show Selected Action Totals option is selected you are able to select which Actions will be displayed.

On the Display Information (on tool tip) sections, select which fields are to be displayed, the Displayed Name and Position from top as the order they will appear in.

Note: Consider Comments as this will be the Comment the Teacher entering the Behaviour Event has written.

When finished click on the Save button.

Note: To let Parents or Students know about Detentions scheduled for that day see How to Create a Watchlist.

Updated on November 11, 2022

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