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How to Configure Parental Consents for MyChildAtSchool

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This allows Parents to provide Consent to different school actions relating to the Student. The Types of consent are configured in Administration.

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From the left Menu go to Config > MyChildAtSchool > Parental Consents.

This will open the Parental Consent Settings page, select the options you want and click the Save button.

  • Enable Parental Consent Module– choose whether it will be Enabled or not, Enabled will display the Widget on MCAS
  • Parental Consent Module Title – choose the Title for the module
  • Parental Consent Module Subtitle – choose the Subtitle for the module
  • No Data to Display Message – enter Message for when there are no Parental Consents available
  • Allow parents to revoke consent – if Ticked No option becomes available on MCAS for parents to tick
  • Disabled Revoke Message – if the Allow parents to revoke consent option is not Ticked, type a Message to let parents know how they can Revoke Consent


The Consent options available are displayed in the Consent table.

These can be Edited by clicking on the Pencil icon to the left of the row.

Enter the details and tick the Active on MCAS box to make the Consent visible to parents on MCAS and click Save.

To Remove the Parental Consent from MCAS you can either give the Consent an End Date so it will no longer appear after that Date or untick the Active on MCAS.

Updated on June 28, 2023

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