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How to add On the Fly Students to the Take Register page

This guide shows you how to set up On the Fly Students to appear in the Take Register screen, and how to select and remove On the Fly Students from the Take Register.

Groups > Teaching Class

Double click on a Teaching Class from the Groups page, to open the Teaching Class Group information in a new tab.

Tick the check box In register Student Addition in the Additional Group Details box, to enable On the Fly Students in the Take Register page.

Image #1

Teacher Dashboard – Take Register (New UI) 

Click on the Actions button in the Take Register and select On the Fly Students. 

When users select this option a On the Fly Student Addition pop up appears.

Select from the Student Name dropdown and click Save to add the Student(s) to the register for that day.

The Inclusion Student icon will appear against all On the Fly Students.

Note: This is only applicable to Teaching Classes.

Image #2

To remove the On the Fly Student from the register – click on the Inclusion Student icon.

In the popup, remove the Student by clicking on the cross next to the nameand click Save.

Alternatively, go to Actions > On the Fly Student and (in the popup) remove the Student, and click Save

Image #3

Note: Users can not add an On the Fly Student that has a Timetable. The following message will appear.

Image #4
Updated on February 22, 2024

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