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How to use Bromcom Walk Through’s

A Walk Through is essentially an interactive guide within the MIS which helps and shows you how to carry out a particular process step by step. They even highlight the buttons you need to press and fade out others so it is very user friendly.

Access: There is no specific permission required to gain access to our Walk Throughs, as they are located within the Need Help widget to the right of the MIS for all users.

Location of Need Help

Once you log into the MIS, click on the Need Help widget on the right.

The widget will then expand to see the Need Help menu, giving you the option to type to;

  • Search guides or Walk Throughs at the top

Or access further guidance and support as below;

  • Training materials,
  • Access the Community,
  • What’s New
  • Access further guidance in docs.bromcom.com for example Census Guidance
  • Book a CSM call ( Customer Success Manager)
  • Contact Support
  • See Service Status information
Need Help Menu

Within the Need Help menu any item which has a white arrow in a blue box is a Walk Through.

In the example below we have typed How to Manually add into the top search bar to see the following Walk Through at the top of the list and links to other Articles below.

How to manually add a new student

Example search

Click on the Walk Through and you will be carefully guided through all the steps of the process/function that you need help with.

To exit the Walk Through simply click the top right x in the Walk Through instruction text box or click anywhere else in the MIS.

Example Walk Through

You simply just need to follow the steps in the Walk Through and you should have no issues.

Important: If you click on a different button or the wrong page, you may need restart the Walk Through from within the Need Help Widget again.

Updated on December 5, 2023

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