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How to Create Products for Specific Students

Note: All pages shown below are subject to having relevant Roles & Permissions.

In this guide, you will be shown how to create a Product in Bromcom which will only be available to specific Students on MCAS. The same steps can be applied when creating a Club also.

This is achieved by creating a Report Group with specific Students and then linking the Product exclusively to that Report Group. These steps will be broken down in to sections;

This can be used to create a discounted version of a Product for some Students, or to prevent unwanted enrolment to a Club on MCAS.

See also: How to create a Product for MCAS, How to create a Dynamic Report Group and How to create a Club or Trip.

Note: There is a £1 minimum check out on MCAS, meaning any MCAS Products, Clubs or Trips must have a minimum cost of £1.

Creating a Report Group

To begin, you will need to create a Report Group containing all of the specific/chosen Students.

This is done by going to Groups and selecting Report Group as the Group Type.


Once this is set, press New at the top of the page.


This will open a Group creation pop out where you need to enter the details of the basic details of the Report Group.

Note: Make sure to leave Year Group as NOT SELECTED, the purpose of this Group is to hand pick specific Students so this needs to remain NOT SELECTED.

Once the information is entered, press Save & Edit.

Save & Edit

This will automatically redirect you to a new tab with the Group open in front of you.

A Report Group consists of four panels of data, the first being Basic Group Details which is already completed after taking the above steps and can be skipped.

Panel two is Additional Group Details which, allows you to Enable Dynamic Membership if you want.

This is where the Report Group automatically updates itself to include Students based on a criteria or condition being met, such as being Summer Born or Pupil Premium.

For the purpose of this guide, leave Enable Dynamic Membership unticked to keep this as a Static Report Group (manually managed).

Panels one and two

Panels three and four allow you to manually add which Staff and Students will be part of the Report Group.

For Associated Staff, use the Add New Record Button to assign a Staff Member (or yourself) to the Report Group.

Panels three and four

For Students, you can use Add New Record or Add Multiple which allows you to add more than one Student at a time.

Add Multiple

A magnifying Glass will appear next to Student Name, which allows you to search through all of your Students and multi select your participants by clicking on them.

Student Name

Once your Students are selected, press Done on the top right to confirm the selection.

Select Students

The Students will now be added from the Start Date of the Group once you press Done.

Note: The Selection List of Students automatically sits in front of Save, drag it out of the way to press Save.

Selection List

Press Save.


Once you press Save, the Students will become members of this Report Group.

Note: Any amendments like adding or removing Students will need to be carried out manually from this point on using the Student Memberships area.

Students and Staff

Scroll back to the top of the page and press Save.


You have now created a Report Group containing specific Students and have full control/ability to add or remove further Students.

Linking the Report Group to a Product or Club

Once a Report Group has been created, it is time to create a Product, Club or Trip and link it to this Report Group.

In this example, we will create a Product by going to Modules>MCAS>Products.


Once the page loads, any existing Products will be visible (if any exist).

Press New to begin creating a new Product.

New Product

For extensive definitions and explanations on every field you see when creating a Product, please refer to this guide: How to create a Product for MCAS.

They key field to focus on and the key reason for this guide is the Display To field.

Display To

This MUST be set to Selective Groups.

You can then use the Group selector to pick the Report Group that you previously created by clicking on the Magnifying Glass.

Selective Groups

Report Groups will display by default, search for or scroll to the Report Group you created and press Done after you have selected it.

Note: The Report Group created in our example had a future Start Date, so to find it here the Active Date Filter needed to be removed.

Report Group

Now that the Report Group has been selected, it will be visible when you are redirected to the Product creation screen.

Selection List

You can now complete all of the other relevant fields of the Product and as long as the Display To field is not amended or removed, the Product will only be visible/accessible to Students who are in the Selective Report Group.

Note: If you add a Student to the Report Group, they will also gain visibility/access to it.

The Payment Options area and their different meanings/uses are also explained in the following guide – How to create a Product for MCAS.

If needed, the Price Options can be changed once the Product is live and there are Orders against it. So if the Product is initially charged in Instalments, you are able to then change it to a Fixed Price Product should you wish.

Payment Options

Once all details have been entered and the Report Group is present in the Display To field, scroll up and press Save.


The Product has now been created and linked specifically to the Report Group.

You can now verify that it is not visible by comparing MCAS accounts for two Students, one who is included in the Report Group and one who isn’t.

The Student who is in the Report Group will see the Product within the School Shop area of MCAS.

School Shop – Visible

While the Student who isn’t in the Report Group will not be able to see the Product within the School Shop area of MCAS.

School Shop – Not visible

Note: This feature also respects whether the Students are siblings.

The Product will not be visible on MCAS for the Student who is not in the Report Group, but will still be visible when you switch to the Sibling on MCAS who is part of the Report Group.

Creating an Order against Students in the Report Group

The above processes will also allow you to create an Order for the specific Students in the Report Group if required.

To do this, go to Modules>MCAS>View Orders.

View Orders

Press Create Order and use the Magnifying Glass that appears next to Select Student.

Create Order

If you were to type in the name of your Report Group in the Class/Group field on the left and press Find, this will display all of the Students in the Report Group.


From here, you can select one of the Students from the Report Group and create an Order by using the drop down that says NOT SELECTED to add the Product.

Add Product

Press Next.

The last step is to select a Contact and then you can press Create Order.

Note: Even if a Product is displayed only to a Selective Group, it can still be added in the Create Order area for any Student, whether they are in or out of the Report Group.

Create Order

You will then receive a success notification.


The Order has been created and is now visible on the View Orders page.

This now means the Parent will be able to see an Outstanding Order against the Product for their child on MCAS.

View Orders

Updated on November 22, 2022

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