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How to Create a Dynamic Reporting Group

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Dynamic Report Group allows you to create a Group and set one or more conditions which act as filters to group Students and update daily (or on demand). The MIS will check which Students meet these conditions during the overnight process and then populate the Group.

Examples of Dynamic Reporting Groups ;

  • Year 11 Boys Pupil Premium
  • Less than 90% Attendance

These Report Groups can then be used for Reporting and other processes around the system i.e. you can filter by Report Groups in the Student List Page and the Attendance or Behaviour Dashboards.

Bromcom does provide some built in Dynamic Report Groups which you can see from Groups > Report Group. See How to use the (Y), (S) and (V) Report Groups

Built in Report Groups

Group can be created with single or multiple conditions using the following data areas:

  • Assessment
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Data Field – Student Attributes
  • Group
  • User Defined Field

For this example we will create a Report for Attendance of 85% or less.

Create the Group

From the left Menu go to Groups, from the Group Type dropdown select Report Group, then click the New button.

Add a Name and a Description and then tick the Enable Dynamic Membership check box.

  • Start Date – will be added automatically as the start of the year. If, however, a new Academic Year has been created the Start Date will be that of the new year. Amend this date if necessary
  • End Date  –  only add an End Date if you have finished with the Group
  • Year Group  –   leave as Not Selected as this will restrict filtering. The option to set multiple year groups can be added as a condition later
  • Send Changed Membership Notification to teachers  –  will automatically alert any students added through a System Message

Click either Save to return to the Groups PageSave and Edit to continue updating the page or Cancel to close the pop-up.

Adding Staff

To add Associated Staff to the Report Group, double click on the Group Name or click on the Report Group and click View. This will open a new page with sections for Basic Group DetailsAdditional Group Details, Associated Staff. Dynamic Membership Options and Student Memberships.

In the Associated Staff panel click on the Add New Record option. Then from the dropdown lists select the Staff Name, the Role and the Start Date, untick the End Date tick box to add an End Date, then under the Actions column click the Tick.

The first member of Staff will be set to Main Teacher then Additional Teachers and Support Staff can also be added.

Add Dynamic Membership Options (Conditions)

To add these click on the Add New Record option in the Dynamic Memberships Options panel.

Note: If adding multiple Conditions, it doesn’t matter in which order they are added.

From the Membership Filter select Attendance, This will now display Attendance options, select:

  • Attendance By = Mark Meaning
  • Date Range
  • Values = Present
  • Result Type = Percentage
  • Period Type = AM/PM
  • Comparison = Equal and Below (<=) 85

Click the Save button to confirm the Condition, also click the main page Save button top left.

The MIS will automatically populate the Group overnight. To activate it immediately, simply click Refresh button.

The Student Memberships heading will then display the total number in the Group as well as the Female/Male split.

Updated on May 19, 2023

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