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How to create a new Course – Post 16

Courses are a way to quickly assign Learning Aims and hours to classes, which will reduce the need for you to add the aims / hours manually. You do not have to use Courses, but should you wish to, add the Class to the Course (not the Students). Saving the Learning Aim after you add the Classes will trigger it to cascade down. 

Note: Please ensure your Classes are set to the relevant post-16 year group, and post-16 exam level.

Non-post16 Students do not need Learning Aims / Hours, as these are not returned in the Census, so we highly recommend to only setup Courses for post-16.

Within the course you can:

  • Set the Planned Qualification and Non-qualification hours
  • Add associated staff
  • Manage individual student memberships
  • Manage classes linked to the course
  • Add the QN to the Learning Aim of the course

Access: The minimum permissions required to create and edit Courses is found under the Framework Module of Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions.


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Pathway: Groups > From the Group Type dropdown choose Course.


Creating a new course

Upon pressing the purple New button, a popup will appear for you to begin entering the Course details. The mandatory fields are Course name, Description and Planned Hours.

New Course

Once you have entered all the information proceed to Save & Edit to complete the further information within the Course.

Associated Staff

Within this panel you can enter any staff associated with the course, if required.

Associated staff

Student Memberships

Though you can add students to the course, this will not trigger the Learning Aim being linked to the student. You will need to add the classes rather than the individual students, in order for the Learning Aim to be associated to the students within the class. 

Student memberships


From here you can add the associated classes of the Course. Student’s assigned to the classes added here will then receive the associated Learning Aim once the QN Code is added in the next step.


Learning Aim Details

In this area you are able to add the QN Code to the Course. Upon save this should cascade to the associated students within the classes.

Learning Aim Details
Learning Aim on Student’s Profile

Note: Saving the QN will trigger the cascade down to the students who are members of the associated classes. If you find that the Learning Aim is not showing on the student’s profile then re-save the QN in the Course by pressing the edit pencil icon and the small tick. You won’t need to make any changes, just a re-save.

Re-saving QN Code
Updated on February 21, 2024

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