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How to Create a Report Group

In this guide we’ll look at how to create a static Report Group.

Access: The minimum permissions required to access Report Groups can be found in the Framework module from within Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions.


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To create a new Report Group, navigate to the Groups page from the left hand menu and select Report Group from the Group Type dropdown.

Group type

Select New.

Enter the required information in the pop-up.

Create new group
  • Report Name – This is the name of the Report Group not the name of the Report.
  • Description – Enter a Description for the Report Group, this is a required field, however, you can use the Report Name if you do not need to use the Description to add further detail.
  • Start Date – This will default to the beginning of the current Academic Year, however, you need to ensure that the Start Date encompasses the time range that you will need Student Memberships in the group for. For example, if you intend to use the Report Group to run Reports for the previous Academic Year you will need to ensure that the Start Date encompasses the previous Academic Year.
  • End Date – Enter the End Date for the group if known, again, you will need to ensure that this encompasses the full length of time that you will need to have Student Memberships in the group. If this is not known it can be left blank.
  • Year Group – If the Report Group will only have Students from one Year Group included you can select a Year Group here, however this is not necessary as we will be adding Student Memberships manually later in the guide, and selecting a Year Group here will mean you are only able to use Students from the selected Year Group.
  • Enable Dynamic Membership – As we are looking at static report groups, for the purposes of this guide, leave this box unticked.
  • Send Changed Membership Notification to Teachers – Later in the process you will have the option to add Staff Memberships to the group, if you would like these Staff Member’s to receive a notification each time the Student Membership in the group changes, tick this box.

Once you’ve entered all the required information click Save and Edit. This will take you to the Group Details page.

Group Details Page

The Basic Group Details panel and the Additional Group Details panel will be pulled through from the initial setup screen.

If you selected to Send Changed Membership Notification to Teachers you can use the Associated Staff panel to add Staff Members to the Group. To add a new Staff Member select Add New Record.

Associated Staff

Select the Staff Member from the Staff Name dropdown, then select their Role and enter the Start Date of their membership in the Group. If they will only be part of the Group for a set amount of time, you can untick the Tracks Group End Date Box and enter an End Date, otherwise leave the box ticked and their membership will continue until either you end it or the Group ends.

Add New Record

Once you’re happy click the Tick on the far right hand side to save it and the Staff Member will be added to the Associated Staff panel.

Associated Staff

In the Student Membership panel, click on Add Multiple.

Student Memberships – Add Multiple

This will open a pop-up, click the blue magnifying glass to open the Student Selector.

Magnifying Glass

In the Student Selector, use the filters on the left hand side to refine your search, each time you update a filter, click Find at the top to update the list.

Select the Students you would like to add to the group by clicking on them once to select them, once you’re happy click Done.

Student Selector

The Students you selected will appear in a pop-up. Depending on your screen, the list may appear in front of the Save button, you can move it by pressing and holding on the Selection List heading and dragging it to a new position.

Check the Start Date is correct, if you know the End Date of the Student Memberships in the group, you can untick Tracks Group End Date and enter the End Date, if the End Date is not known, leave it ticked.

Once you’re happy, press Save.

Selection List

The Students will be added to the Student Membership Panel.

Student Memberships

Double check the information for the group is correct, once you’re happy, scroll to the top of the page and click Save.


Note: If you add Student or Staff memberships with a Start Date in the future they may not display on the page. To see these memberships, you can change the Membership Display dropdown at the top of the page from Current Membership to Show All Memberships.

Updated on May 24, 2024

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