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How to Create Intervention Groups

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

Intervention Groups can be used in the example a School is running two after school sessions per week for 28 weeks. A member of school staff attends each session, plus an additional teacher, equipment and resources being brought in from an outside source with costs involved.

Creating an Intervention Groups gives the ability to see Average and Total Costs per Sessions and per Student plus add and view Student Reviews and any other Details following Interventions. Interventions also show on the Student Profile>Interventions

See also How to Create a Withdrawal Group

To Create an Intervention Group click Groups on the left hand bar.

From the Group Type drop down choose Intervention


Click New.

  • In the example below the Name and Description have been completed with the Intervention Category chosen from the drop down.
  • A Start and End Date has been defined
  • The Frequency has been set at 2 Sessions per Week ( Month can be chosen if required) and the Session Duration in Minutes has been set to 50.
  • The Main Teacher has been chosen from the drop down Staff List.

Additional Intervention Categories can be created via a Lookup Table see How to Edit Lookup Tables

New Intervention Group

Click Save and Edit.

The next screen will show the following five editable panels;

Basic Group Details

Basic Group Details

Staff Costs

In this example Click on the right hand pencil to Edit this Association, we have amended the cost per hour to 20.00 and click the Tick to Save

Staff Costs
Change Cost per Hour
Completed Staff Costs

Additional Costs

In this section Additional Costs, for example external staff brought in for one or more sessions, equipment hired or learning resources purchased to run the Intervention can be added. These costs can be assigned to All or selected Students once the Students have been added in the Student Memberships Panel.

Additional Costts

Note: Select Add Multiple to Add Additional Costs to Multiple selected Students once the Students have been added to Student Memberships panel.

Add Multiple
Multiple Students


This panel automatically calculates totals and averages per Student and per Session from the information entered in Associated Staff, Additional Costs and Student Memberships

Total Costs and Averages

Student Memberships

Either type in Individual Student names or click Add Multiple with the function to access the full Student List for Students currently On Roll.

Student Memberships

Using the Actions Icons;

  • Click on the Pencil to Edit the Student Membership
  • Click the Bin to Delete the Student Membership.
  • Click on the Paper icon to add a Student Review with the option to add Notes and attach Documents
  • Click on the Spy Glass to view a Student Review and add Details
Add a Student Review

Note: Multiple Reviews can be added and Viewed/Edited.

Multiple Reviews

Click on the Spy Glass to View and Edit Reviews and Add Details

Student Review
Updated on November 10, 2022

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