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How to Create a Trip

In this guide, you will be shown how to create a Trip and all of the various options/steps involved, which will be broken down into sections;

Trips are used in Bromcom to represent/organise a School Trip that is taking place. They must first be created as a Club and then marked as a Trip, which you will be shown how to do in this guide.

Important: Please never create a Trip as a Product, Products are for physical Products only and not Trips.

Access: The minimum permissions required to create a Trip are found in the Framework Module of Config>Setup>Roles and Permissions.

See also: How to create a Product, How to create a Club or Trip and How to Book a Club or Trip.

Creating a Trip

To create a Trip, you first need to go to the Groups page.

Next, select Club & Trips from the Group Type drop down.

Then, press New in the top left hand corner.

This will open the Club creation screen where you need to populate the following details of the soon to be Trip;

  • Payment Type – This determines the Payment type of the Trip (Paid, Free or Running Balance).
  • Item Price – This determines the cost of the Trip.
  • Group Name – This determines the name of the Trip.
  • Description – This determines the description of the Trip.
  • Start Date and End Date – These fields should be used to select the period of time that you wish to be able to carry out work on the Trip group. The actual Start and End date of the Trip itself will be configured later in the process. When setting these dates, keep in mind that if you would like to be able to add Students to the Trip or collect payments in advance of the Trip and/or after the Trip has taken place, you will need to have these dates cover the period of time that you would like to collect payments for. The Start Date is mandatory, and can be set for the day you are creating the club (i.e. Today), the End Date is not mandatory so can be left blank and added later.
  • Attachments – This allows you to attach a Document or File to the Trip, such as a map or itinerary.
  • Linked Groups – This allows you to restrict the Trip to a specific Group/Groups of Students so that only Students within those Groups have access to it.

Once you have completed all of the required details, press Save & Edit.

This will automatically open a new tab where you will be able to configure the Trip in more detail.

Group Details

You will be redirected to the Group details page of the Trip. The Group Details page is broken down in to five panels, which each serve a specific purpose.

Basic Group Details – This panel is where you configure the name of the Group and determine the dates of the Trip this will automatically be populated from the information you entered in the previous steps.

There is an Edit Payment Options button which will be explained further in this guide, see Payment Options.

The Display club in following section of MCAS is important and dictates where it will eventually appear on MCAS. Make sure this is set to Trips.

Additional Group Details – This panel allows you to set the Membership Limit (number of Students that can attend the Trip) and the Live on MCAS between dates which need to be entered for the Trip to be visible to Parents.

There is a tick box titled, Is a Trip?, which must be ticked. The Membership Limit must also be set even if there isn’t one.

Note: It is good practice to have a Membership Limit slightly higher than your expected number of attending Students to allow for new Students/Intakes who wish to attend.

Associated Group Details – This panel allows you to link a specific Group/Groups of Students to the Trip such as a Year Group or Report Group, meaning it is available/visible exclusively to them.

By using the magnifying glass, a Group Selector will open.

Within the Group Selector, use the filters on the left to refine your search, select the required Groups by clicking on them once so they highlight in blue and once you are happy with your selection, click Done.

Note: You can select multiple Groups to link to the Trip but you cannot link another Club or Trip.

The selected Group will then appear when you are taken back to the panel.

Schedule – This panel allows you to create the actual sessions of the Trip or view any Past Sessions (for past Trips).

You will need to complete all other areas of the Trip before you can add the Schedule, so please follow the guide from here and Scheduling will be explained further on.

Note: You can only set Schedule dates within the actual Start and End Dates of the Trip, so please bear this in mind.

Student Memberships – This panel allows you to add Students to the Trip in situations where their Parents do not have MCAS.

In most cases we would recommend that you do not manually add Student Memberships and instead allow the parents to enrol them through MCAS. However it may be necessary in certain situations, for example if the school doesn’t yet use MCAS, or you have a Parent who does not have access to it.

  • If you know how to add Students or do not need to add them, skip to Payment Options.
  • If you are unsure how to add a Student, continue reading the guide from here.

If you are adding Students, use the Add Multiple button to add Students in bulk.

Next, use the magnifying glass next to Student Name, which will open a Student Selector.

Select any Students you wish to add to the Trip and press Done.

A Selection List will display next to the Cancel button, drag it to the left to access the Save button.

Once the selected Students are added, you will be asked if you want to Create an order or not.

Important: Once you create an Order you will be unable to edit the Payment Options. If you select Do not create, the Students will appear as Members of the Trip, without Orders. However, if you would like Bromcom to reflect any payments made towards the Trip by these Students, you will need to create an Order in order to to register any payments made offline against the Trip. For more information on how to record payments made offline, see here.

The students will now appear in the Student Memberships panel.

Payment Options

Now that all of the available Group Details have been added where possible, it is time to look at the Payment Options.

Before you proceed, scroll to the top of the page and press Save.

Now, press Edit Payment Options.

You will be redirected to the following screen;

Variable Price – If you select this option, you have the option to create Variations of the Club/Trip with different prices and assign them to a Group of Students. For example, a discounted version for PP/Disadvantaged Students and a full price version for non PP/Disadvantaged Students. Parents of Students in one Group will not be able to see the Club/Trip under the other pricing and vice versa.

Fixed Price – The Trip has been set at a Fixed Price, which must be paid in a single purchase/transaction on MCAS.

Note: Any options where Enable Offline Payment is ticked means that Parents can pay via MCAS or have the option to bring in Cash or Vouchers.

Instalments – The Trip has a Deposit amount, with the remaining balance paid over a set number of Instalments, you can select to have up to 12 Instalments. These Instalments do not have to be split equally, they can be customised to your preferred amounts and Due Dates.

Part Payments – When you press Instalments, you will notice a sub option appears called Enable Part Payment.

Using Part Payments, Parents are able to make entirely flexible Payments against the Trip on MCAS whenever they wish.

Whichever option you opt for, make sure the Associated Account and price are correct, then press Save.

You will be taken back to the Group details of the Trip and can now add the Schedule which is the last step.

Schedule (continued)

Within the Group details, return to the Schedule panel and press Add.

You will now be able to Schedule the Trip with the following options;

  • From Date – The first Date of the Trip or first session within it.
  • To Date – The last Date of the Trip or last session within it.
  • Weekday – Which days the sessions will take place (our example is over two weeks so all days are selected). You can only add sessions on days you have selected here.
  • Start Time – The Start time of the sessions.
  • End Time – The End time of the sessions.
  • Session Length – This is an automatic calculation of the minutes between the Start and End Time (11 hours = 660 minutes).
  • Main Teacher – This is the Main Teacher leading/running the Trip.
  • Location – This is used to set the location of the Trip, if it is offsite any location is fine.
  • Associated Teachers – This is used to add any additional/supporting Teachers attending the Trip.

Something to note here is that the From/To Dates of the Schedule will default to the Start and End Date of the Trip that you set at the very start of this guide.

If the Schedule does not allow you to set the From/To Dates on a desired date, you will need to amend the Start and End Date of the actual Trip to expand the Schedule.

Important: Another new feature has been added to allow you to add Sessions for past dates in the Schedule area of Clubs. Previously this feature was not available and would cause issues if a Club was created but the first few Sessions were not in the Schedule for example.

Once you press Save Schedule, you will need to press Continue to confirm your selections.

This will add the Schedule to the Trip which can now be viewed or amended in the Schedule panel of the Trip.

Scroll to the top of the page and press Save to conclude the process for creating a Trip.


Now that a Trip has been created, there is one last step to ensure that it is visible on MCAS in the correct area.

Go to Config>MCAS>Clubs/Trip Settings.

Once the page loads, you need to ensure that both the Clubs and Trips Modules are ticked/enabled.

Note: Wraparound Care may also need to be ticked depending on the type of Trip you have created, but Clubs and Trips must be ticked.

Once the Clubs and Trips modules are both enabled, press Save.

This means that both Clubs and Trips Modules will appear on MCAS.

It also means that that future Clubs and Trips sit in their respective areas, which ties in to the very start of the guide where you set which area of MCAS this Trip will appear in.

You can now go to MCAS to verify that the Trip is visible and in the correct area.

All three sections are available and the Trip will display within Trips.

Note: If the Trip does not appear, it is likely to be due to the Live on MCAS between dates being missing or set in the future.

Updated on April 22, 2024

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