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How to Create a Report Layout

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The Report Layout is to the right of the Reporting Data Items panel.

To add a Data Item to the Report Layout simply click on it and drag and drop into the Detail box or just double click on it to automatically move it to the Details box. To change the order of the Data Items simply click and drag up or down into the required position. To group the results together for example gender, add the Gender Data Item to the Group By box, the results will then be grouped by male and female. The Page Break option can be used when separating the reports, for example after each Year Group or Tutor Group, to do this add the relevant Data Item to the Page Break box.

Right clicking on the Data Items in the Details box will give more options dependent on the type of Data Item selected. The Sort option can be used with multiple Data Items in the order they are chosen and removed by simply right clicking again and selecting Remove Sort.

The Aggregate options can be applied to the Data Items to give aggregate figures for each row in the selected column.

Count                = displays the number of items in that column per row

Max                = displays only the highest values in the column per row

Min                = displays only the lowest values in the column per row

Sum                = displays the total sum of the values in the column per row

Average                = displays the average of the values in the column per row

Note: When using the Aggregate options the Data Item selected cannot be used as a display item, for example adding the Count option to the Tutor Groups Data Item will count the number of Tutor Groups replacing the Tutor Group information with the Count number.

Hovering over a Data Item will reveal its position in the sort order, if selected.

Note: When adding or removing from the Details box there is a slight delay while the data is being collated for the Report Preview Pane.

Updated on September 4, 2020

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