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How to add a Student Selector to an Adhoc Report

Important: The below guide refers to an older version of our Reports module, which not all schools will have access to. The pathways discussed in this guide therefore may not be relevant if you only have access to Quick Reports. This will typically apply to schools that are relatively new to Bromcom as well as Northern Ireland schools and they therefore should refer to Quick Reports guidance instead.

Note: All pages shown are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

In this guide, we will discuss how to add a Student Selector to an Adhoc Report. This will allow you to run the Report for specific Students, rather than the Report running for all Students by default.

The Student Selector is essentially a Filter which can be added when you first build a Report or added to an existing Report later on. This guide will detail the latter option of creating a new Report and adding the Student Selector.

To begin creating a new Report, go to Reports>Adhoc>Table Report

Note: Any Report type is fine but Table Reports usually present data very well.


This will take you to the Report Domain page. This is where you will select the Domain (area of Data) you wish to create the Report in.

For the purpose of adding a Student Selector and reporting on basic Student data, we will select the Students Domain.

Report Domains

This will take you to the Report creation page where you can now select which Data Items you wish to include in the Report.

Data Items are displayed on the left of the page and can be added to the Detail box, either by double clicking on or dragging the Data Items across to the Detail box.

Reporting Data Items

Initially you will see Data Trees on the left, which can be expanded or opened.

Expand the Data Tree you wish to find Data Items in such as Personal Information, then double click on or drag across the Data Items you want.

Reporting Data Items and Detail Box

Now that the Data Items are in the Detail box, you can press Report Filters and Intervals on the top right.

Note: At this point, without the Student Selector ALL Students are shown in the Report Preview as seen below. Adding the Student Selector will stop the Report loading ALL Students by default and allow you to search for specific Students.

Reporting Data Items added

You will now see a Filter Item Tree which can be expanded in the same way as the Data Items could.

However, instead of dragging Filter Items in to the Detail box, you will drag the Filter Item to the right side of the page where it says Drag Items Here as shown below.

Reporting Filter Items and Drag items here

To add a Student Selector, you are going to physically drag the word Students across from the top of the Filter Item Tree.

Drag Students across to Drag items here

Once you drag the Students heading across, some new options will appear as shown below.

All you are going to do with these options is tick Ask at runtime.

Set Filter and Attributes

Ask at runtime means when you Run the Report, the Selector/Filter will be available at that point. Not ticking Ask at runtime means the Filter will work in the background, and to amend it you would need to Edit the Report.

Ask at runtime

Once you have ticked Ask at runtime, there are some other options.

Prompt – This tells the Report what type of Selector to apply, leave this as Student Identifier.

This parameter is Required means you must use the Student Selector to Run the Report. Optional means you can use the Student Selector to Run the Report, or skip it and Run the Report without selecting specific Students.

Filter Type – This Filter applies more to Group Selectors so for a Student Selector, leave this as All Entities.

The above options do not need to be amended, press Apply to complete the process of adding a Student Selector.

Ask at runtime and Apply

The Student Selector will now be visible as a Filter within Report Filters and Intervals. The Report can now be Saved to use later, or Run now to find the data you require.

Student Selector added

Now when you Run the Report, you can search for specific Student or find multiple Students rather than having a Report that shows data for all Students.

Note: When in Report Filters and Intervals, it is recommended that you also tick Ask at runtime for the Students Interval on to the top right of the screen.

This provides more flexibility with running the Report and allows you to amend the Dates you look at Students for. This can also be done using the Active Between Dates within the Student Selector when you press Find.

Students Interval

Now that the Student Selector is added and the Report has been Run, specific Students can now be searched for.

Student Selector in action

You can either Type the Name of Students or press Find to search for Students who are in specific Groups etc.

Typing Name of Students
Using Find

Finally, once you have selected your desired Students press Preview to generate the Data.

Preview (Top left)

The Report has now generated and can be Exported or Printed.

Note: Edit allows you to change which Students the Report ran for, Redesign allows you to edit the Data/Filter Items within the Report.

Final Report
Updated on June 10, 2024

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