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Reporting Overview Page

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This page helps you understand how to use the different areas within the Report Module in Bromcom and help you chose the best Report area for your needs.

Summary of Reporting Module

Report sits on the left of your screen as an item in the main selection bar. Within the Report area are all the Modules with their relevant reports, Adhoc where your own reports and any imported reports are stored. There is also the option to build your own reports.

Module Reports

Each area is populated with relevant reports that have been created to support schools with their routine reporting. These reports can be run individually, saved as Favorites and also Scheduled to run at regular intervals.

Adhoc Reports

In Adhoc you have Create New Report, within this area there are different Types of Reports listed that you can build to create Bespoke Reports for your school.

View Reports, this shows you a list of all your reports along with the folders where they are saved, you are able to create your own folders and assign Roles and Permissions to them.

Click here for help on this page.

Repository Reports

There is also the option in this area to import reports from the Repository. The Repository contains pre-created reports that can be downloaded and used or downloaded and edited. These are reports that have been created by both Bromcom and by schools and are available to everyone to use.

Click here for help using the Repository.

Quick Report

This report allows you to create a Student or Staff table report very easily. By adding Advanced Mode you can include calculations and Attendance, Assessment and Behaviour information if needed. For example you can create a Staff list and salary, or a Student list including Phonics and Key Stage Assessment results.

For guidance on how to create a Quick Report please click here.

List Report

This report allows you to create an simple list of Students and desired information that can be exported in to excel. For example a list of Students on free school meals.

For guidance on how to create a List Report, please click here.

Matrix Report

This report allows you to create a matrix with Student details and other information such as medical details. For example Student list on the left, medical conditions across the top and the condition priority number in the corresponding cell underneath.

For guidance on how to create a Matrix Report please click here.

Web Merge Report

This report allows you to create a Word document with Student information included such as attendance details. For example, a letter to Parents regarding a Students poor attendance inviting them in for a meeting. You would create a letter in Microsoft Word, ensuring any words you want to personalise are in <<word>> format. Then in Bromcom using  Web Merge Report you would create a report with the personalised fields in, then using the Web Merge option you would link the two documents to produce personalised letters

For guidance on how to create a Web Merge Report please click here.

Web Merge Reports can also be used to create Assessment Reports to send Students Progress home to Parents for guidance on this please click here.

Updated on May 14, 2021

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