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How to create a Missing Photo Report for Students

Important: The below guide refers to an older version of our Reports module, which not all schools will have access to. The pathways discussed in this guide therefore may not be relevant if you only have access to Quick Reports. This will typically apply to schools that are relatively new to Bromcom as well as Northern Ireland schools and they therefore should refer to Quick Reports guidance instead

In this guide, we will cover the process for creating and running a simple Table Report to find Students who are missing a Photo. The steps include;

Access: for the minimum permissions for Reporting go to Config>Set Up>Roles and Permissions>Choose Role>Edit>Module = Reporting.

See also How to Upload Student and Staff Photos

To create this report in Quick Reports see the video below;

Missing Photo Report in Quick Reports

Creating the Report

To begin, you will need to use the side Menu and go to Reports>Adhoc>Table Report


Next, you need to select which Domain (area of information) to use. For this Report, select the Students Domain highlighted below.

Table Report>Students

You will then see a completely blank Report with a Data Item Tree on the left.

If you are unfamiliar with Reporting, the Tree need to be expanded to find specific Data Items within, which can then be dragged across to the Detail Box.

Once you have added all of the relevant Data Items you desire, your Report should begin populating information within the Preview.

Note: The Photo Data Item which actually brings Photos in to the Report must be included and is found under Personal Information>Names and Photo.

Adding Filters to the Report

Now that you have the Report partly set up, the key step is to add two Filters;

Student Selector – This will allow you to select which Students to run the Report for, rather than the Reporting running for all Students.

Person has Photo – This allows you to have the Report only return Students without a Photo, or only Students with a photo.

To add these Filters, you need to press Report Filters & Intervals on the top right of the page

To add the Student Selector, you need to drag the Students heading from the top of the Filter Tree and drop it into the Drag Items Here box on the right of the screen.

You can then set the Filter and Attributes using the section that populates below the Drag Items Here box.

For this Filter, you just need to tick Ask at runtime and press Apply.

The Filter has now been applied and will ask you to choose a Student/Students each time you run the Report.

The last step now is to add the Person has Photo Filter, which is found by expanding the Names and Photos Filter Tree.

In the same way as before, you need to drag the Filter across to where it says Drag Items Here.

It will again provide you with an additional section below the Drag Items Here box.

This Filter requires some more configuration, you need to decide on the following two options;

Person Has Photo – If you want Students WITHOUT Photos to appear, leave it unticked. If you want Students WITH Photos to appear, it needs to be ticked.

Ask at runtime – If you want the option to switch between Students having and not having Photos when you run the Report, tick Ask at runtime.

If you are happy for the Report to work in one way and perhaps build another Report for another purpose, leave Ask at runtime unticked.

As it is a Missing Photo Report, leaving Person has Photo unticked is advisable and Ask at runtime is always helpful.

Once you have applied this Filter, both required Filters are now in place.

Running the Report

Now that you have configured the Report, it is time to run it and see what it finds.

To do this, press Run at the top left of the page.

Note: You will be asked to Name and Save the Report if you have not already.

You will be taken to the following screen.

To select which Students to Run the Report for, press Find next to the Student Name field as I have already done.

You will be provided with the entire list of active Students in your School and can individually select some of them, or use some of the many options such as Year Group, Last Name or Select Page to narrow down the selection.

Note: After you select an option such as Year Group, you need to press Find to update/refresh the list of Students.

Once you have selected some Students, you will be returned to the following screen.

When you are ready, press Preview and the Report will run.

The Report has been Run and because it was configured to look for Students WITHOUT Photos, this is the data is has found from all Students in the School.

Students that require Photos can now be easily identified and the steps required to correct it can be taken.

For comparison, the same Report finds the following data when I tick Person has Photo and the Report looks for Students WITH Photos.

Updated on June 10, 2024

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