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How to Create Report Filters and Intervals

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The Report Filters & Intervals is where report parameters are setup. These are the settings for your report when it is run.

See also How to Create a Table Report.

The Report Intervals will relate to the Data Items selected for this report. Dates can be selected as required – for example, if you want to report on previous years, then select the dates accordingly under Show for Selected Dates.

Report Intervals

The Report Filters will filter the final report. To add Filters, click on the Filter Items tab under the Report Data Items section and drag & drop the required Filters into the Filter section.

Report Filters

For the items in ‘Related Entity’ be aware that Current will look at todays data, in the example you are looking to report on Attendance over a date range change from Current to Show for Selected Dates.

To remove, click on the Filter and click on the red circle to the side.

To edit, click on the Filter, the Set Filter and Attributes will display below.

For numerical Data Items for example Present Percentage you can define the Operation and choose from either equals, greater than, less than, between or not between.

In this example a Present Percentage with EA % of Less Than 100 has been selected , when Ask at runtime is selected the Prompt has been amended to Present Percentage with EA % Less than 100.

Complete the relevant information.

  • Ask at Runtime: Ask for the Filter to be selected at ‘Runtime‘ – when you run it rather than now.
  • Prompt: this will appear if you select Ask at Runtime – it is the prompt you want to see to remind yourself to select the correct Filter at Runtime.
  • Required/optional: whether the parameter is required or not.
  • Filter Type: leave this as the default All Entities.

When you’re done, click Apply

Updated on September 18, 2022

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