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How to Transfer Students from one Teaching Class to another Teaching Class

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There are a several ways of transferring a Student from one Group to another. In this example we will be using Groups to transfer more than one student from one Teaching Class to another Teaching Class.

For changing multiple students/classes see How to Use Bulk Group Assignments

This guide can be used for ‘carousel’ students who are being moved to another teaching class for a period of time.

To transfer between Tutor Groups, choose Tutor Group from the Group Type drop down and follow the same process as detailed below.

From the left Menu go to Groups, in secondary schools the default view is Teaching Class. Select the Teaching Class the students are currently in.

In the example below we will transfer five Students from Ar07/A1 in Ar07/B1.

Select Ar07/A1 and click View on the top left of the screen.

Scroll down to the Student Memberships section.

Select the Students required and then click Transfer.

From the pop up box either use the Group Name dropdown to find Ar07/B1 or type the Teaching Class name in the box. Note the Start Date defaults to today’s date so change as required.

If Track Group End Date is selected the Students will stay in the Group until its End Date.

Press Save to complete the process

Updated on November 11, 2022

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