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How to Add Staff to a Year Group (Including Head of Year)

This guide will look at how to add Associated Staff to a Year Group, including Head of Year, Deputy Head of Year, Teachers and Support Staff.

Access: The permissions required to access and edit Groups can be found in the Framework Module from Config > Setup > Roles and Permissions.


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Once roles are assigned against a Year Group you can then for example create Head of Year Marksheets, or if using Behaviour you can set Referral Recipients when creating Behaviour Events.

Select Groups from the left hand menu


From the top right Group Type dropdown select Year Group

Group Type

Select the Year Group you would like to edit by clicking once on it to highlight it blue , then click View. You can select more than one Year Group and then work through them by clicking Next if assigning the Staff if required.

Select a Single Year Group
Select Multiple Year Groups
Click Next if selecting more than one Year Group

This will open the Group Details page for your selected Year Group. Within the Associated Staff section click Add New Record.

Associated Staff

In the Staff Name dropdown select the Staff Member you would like to add to the Year Group. Then select the correct Role from the Role dropdown and enter the date the member of staff started in that position in the Start Date field. You then have the option to use Tracks Group End Date by leaving the box ticked, this means that the Staff Member’s association with the Year Group will remain in place until the group itself is ended. Alternatively, if you know when you would like the Staff Member’s association to end , you can untick the box and enter the End Date by selecting it in the End Date field.

Add New Record

You can have more than one person in a role in the example the role is shared.

2 Head of Year example

Once you are happy with your selections click the Tick in the Actions column on the right hand side to Save.

Updated on February 21, 2024

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