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How to use Bromcom Walk Me’s

A Walk Me is essentially an interactive guide within the MIS which helps and shows you how to carry out a particular process step by step. They even highlight the buttons you need to press and fade out others so it is very user friendly.

Access: There is no specific permission required to gain access to our Walk Me’s, as they are located within the Need Help? widget at the bottom of the MIS for all users.

Bottom of the Dashboard

Once you log into the MIS, click on the Need Help? widget at the very bottom.

The widget will then expand slightly, giving you a list of options. These options reflect Modules/topics within the MIS that a Walk Me exists for.

How can we help you?

Navigate to the Module/topic you need help with and find a relevant Walk Me such as Open Today’s Missing Registers.

Specific Walk Me’s

The Walk Me will then begin and you will be carefully guided through all the steps of the process/function that you need help with.

If the process within the Walk Me is on a different page, a pop up will nudge you to let you know. Press Next.

Navigate Prompt

You will then be given specific step by step instructions on how to carry out the process.

Specific Instruction

You simply just need to follow the steps in the Walk Me and you should have no issues.

Important: If you click on a different button or the wrong page, the Walk Me should still try to navigate you to the correct area. If it does not, you may need restart the Walk Me from within the Need Help? Widget again.

In the example below, I have clicked on the wrong page but if I repeat the last step, it will navigate me towards the correct page.

Course Correction

Lastly, if needed, you can actually move the Need Help? Widget to another part of your screen.

If you drag the Widget around the edges of the MIS, Blue boxes will appear to let you know that you can place it there.

You can see below that I have now moved the Widget to the top of the MIS.

Updated on September 29, 2023

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