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How to add a new Address to a Contact and link it to related Students

Access: The minimum permissions required are found in the Framework Module of Config>Setup>Roles and Permissions.

In this guide, you will be shown how to add a new Address to a Contact and then how to link that same Address to related Students. This can be used when a Student’s home situation changes and you want to transfer the new address from a new Contact.

To begin, go to the Students List page and select a Student.

Once they are highlighted Blue, press View to open their Record.


Once the Record loads, scroll down slightly to their Contacts and use the Pencil icon to or double click on a Contact to edit one of them.

Edit Contact

Navigate to the Address Tab and then press Click to Add New Address.

Address Tab

From here, enter the details of the new Address and press Save.

Note: Use the Post Code finder if possible because it will automatically populate the UPRN as well as the other Address details, which can prevent errors surfacing in future Census’.

Adding an Address using Post Code

Before adding the new Address, you may need to end date the current/previous Address IF it will no longer be occupied by the Family.

Otherwise, you will have to add the new Address as an Additional Home or different Priority as there can only be one Priority 1 Home Address within a given Date Range.

Once the Address is added, it will be visible in the Address Tab of the Contact’s Record and it can now be linked to the Student.

New Address Visible

To link the Address to the Student, hover over the Contact Details/Address area of their Record and press the Edit icon.

Edit Student Contact Details

Then Navigate to the Address Tab and press Link to Known Address.

Link to known Address

Now if you type the Contact’s name, click on them once they appear.

Search for Contact

Note: The Type drop down will be on Related by default, which means only Contacts or Siblings related to the Student will appear for selection.

After you have clicked on the Contact, select the newly added Address that you wish to link to the Student.

Link Address to Student

Double check the Priority, Type and Start Date of this Address and once you are happy, press Save.

The Student has now been linked to the new Address that was added to the Contact, without any prior Address records being affected.

New Address linked to Student
Updated on February 22, 2023

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