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How to Create New Staff Absence Codes

Use this guide to Create New Staff Absence Codes to be available when recording Staff Absent

Access : the minimum permissions for Staff Absence Codes is found in the Administration Module from Config< Set Up> Roles and Permissions


See also How to Record Staff Absence

From the left Menu go to Config > Administration > Staff Absence Codes.


To edit a Staff Absence Code already on the system, click on Absence Code from the Staff Absence Code table.

To add a new Absence Code, click on the New button.

Click New

A new screen will appear:

New Absence Code
  • Code Type – Select whether the type is Personal, for example sickness, or School, for example training
  • Description – Enter a Description
  • Display as – Enter how you want the Code to be displayed, usually the same as the Description
  • Category – From the dropdown list select the Category
  • Local Code – Enter the Local Code, this is the Code which will be displayed on Reports, for example the Staff Absence report
  • Active – Make the Code active if you wish to use it immediately. If you don’t activate it it will not be available and will simply be stored for future use
  • Notify to Payroll – Tick the box for Notify to Payroll to include in key reports such as the Staff Absence report or Only absences flagged as Notify to Payroll
  • Sort Order – for example if you wish the Code to appear at the top of the list when selecting your Absence Codes then Sort Order would be 1

When you’re finished click Create.

New Code
Updated on June 22, 2023

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