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How to Create and Copy a Seating Plan

Use this guide to.

Please be aware the Seating Plans do not support zoom or desktop scaling.

Access: The Permissions required to Create and Copy a Seating Plan are built on with the Teacher Role. The Permissions to design Room Layouts in is the Administration Module>Room Layouts


See: How To Create Room Layout Templates for Seating and How To Create and Edit Seating Plans from within Groups

Create a Seating Plan

For Teachers – How To Create a Seating Plan

To create a Seating Plan, you can now go to the Groups page and will see there is now a Seating Plans column.

If the column is not visible to you by default, you can add it clicking on the three Vertical lines just below Search Filters and adding the Seating Plans column.

As long as the Group is timetabled, you can create a Seating Plan for it by clicking on the Number shown against that Group in the Seating Plan column.

You will then be asked if you want to Create a Seating Plan.

Pressing Create will take you to the New Seating Plan screen where you design the layout by dragging Seats in to the grey space below.

Simply drag the Seats one by one in to the grey space below to create a Layout of the Classroom.

Once the Layout is finished, press Save and then use the Design Room Layout toggle to begin assigning the Students to Seats.

In the example below you can see user defined flags under each students name. See How to Create User Defined Flags

Finally, once all of the Students are assigned to Seats you can press Save again and the Seating Plan will now be in place for this Classroom.

Copy a Seating Plan

Go to Register>Actions>Copy Seating Plan

An option for Teachers, Copy Seating Plan, has also been added to under the Actions button.

Actions drop down

Clicking on this will open a pop-up listing all of the existing Seating Plans for this Group, select the one required from the dropdown list and click the Copy button.

If all or some of the Students are the same as in the selected list tick the Copy Student Seat Allocations box.

This will allocate the Students to the same seats, any Students who are not in the destination Class will be ignored.

When copied a successful Information message will be displayed.

Once you’ve copied the Plan, it will appear in the Seating Plan dropdown.

Using a Seating Plan Template

Got to Register > Seating

From the Register click on the Seating button.


When the Design Room Layout toggle is Active a Layout dropdown list will be available to the right displaying the Room Layout Templates, these can then be Saved or amended and Saved as a New Seating Plan for that Registered Room.

Note: The Layout Template dropdown list will only be populated if the Templates have been previously created.

Updated on July 11, 2023

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