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How to Set User Access in MAT Finance

In this guide, we will show you how to set User access to Financial Years, Sites, Cost Centres, and Ledger Codes. Access is applied across the MAT Finance system.

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Access: To carry out this task, you will need the following permission from within the Finance Module of Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions.

Roles and Permissions

Config > Finance > Data Access Control


In Data Access Control users can: see a count (with a hover tip) of the access each user has been granted, Copy a user’s data access to another (Retain: retain current access and add new, or Overwrite: replace current access with new), Clear the security access for a user, and see an audit history using View History.

Note: New users will have no access except for current Financial Year.

Data Access Control

Complete the four step wizard as shown below to set user access.

Note: You can also open the wizard when you double click on a row or the count hyperlink.

Select a user(s) and click on View/Edit button.


If multiple users have been selected, choose one of the two options: Update: retain current access and add new, or Replace: replace current access with new, and click Next.

Enable access to Financial Years in step one by switching the toggle. Click Next.

Note: Current year will be granted access by default.

Step 1 Financial Years

Confirm you want to save the changes at each step.


Enable access to Sites in step two by switching the toggle. Click Next.

Step 2 Sites

Enable access to Cost Centres in step three by switching the toggle. Click Next.

Note: Intra Cost Centre Code is mandatory.

Step 3 Cost Centres

Enable access to Ledger Codes in step four by switching the toggle. Click Finish.

Note: Ledger Codes followed by an * are mandatory.

Step 4 Ledger Codes
Updated on July 18, 2023

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