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How to Process a Student as a Leaver and Export the CTF

In this guide, you will be shown how to carry out the following processes;

  • Process a Student as a Leaver
  • Export a CTF File for them
  • View their information as a Leaver.

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Process a Leaver

Access: The permissions required to process a Student as a Leaver and Export a CTF are found in the Framework Module of Config>Setup>Roles and Permissions. Each tick box on the right determines which functions are visible/available on the page for users with the selected Role.

When should you make a Student a Leaver?

Processing Students as a leaver is a normal process and occurs when they leave your school, either at the natural leaving age or to transfer to another School.

Note: If you are processing multiple Students as Leavers, they must be leaving on the same Date, have the same Leaving Reason and Destination School if applicable. If not, you must complete this process for each Student individually to ensure the details are correct.

Important: Adding an end date to the Student’s School and Enrolment Records will not make them a leaver and is an incorrect practice. You must follow the process below.

Making a Student a Leaver

From the Student List page, select the Student(s) you want to make a Leaver so that they are highlighted blue.

Next, press Actions and select Process Leaver(s).

The selected Student(s) are displayed in a Process Leaver(s) list.

Triple check that the Students included are correct and then complete the information required such as Leaving Date and Reason.

  • Leaving Date* – The Date the Student(s) are Leaving.
  • Reason* – this is the reason for leaving and is selected from a dropdown. If In Year Transfer or End of Key Stage are selected, it will automatically ask for a Destination School.
  • Removal Ground – If needed, select the Removal Ground.
  • Remove any attendance records after leaving box – Tick this to remove associated Attendance Marks after the leaving date (useful if a Student has already left but still received Attendance Marks on Registers).
  • Produce a CTF Export – A CTF Export can be produced automatically by ticking this box, it will be created one the Leavers process is completed.
  • Remove student(s) access from all MCAS accounts immediately – This optional tick box will appear if the Leaving Date selected is in the future. Ticking it will remove the student(s) from any associated MCAS Accounts immediately, unticking it will leave their MCAS Accounts in tact until their Leaving Date arrives. If you process the student(s) as Leavers with this ticked by mistake, you can go to Modules>MCAS>User Accounts and make the Students visible on MCAS again by editing the User Account and ticking Access.

When you’re finished click the Process button.

The file will then be saved locally to your machine (usually in your Downloads folder), please check for an open Downloads window or pop up blocker if you do not immediately see the file.

This file can then be transferred to the new school via collect/S2S.

View Leaver Information

To view Leaver Information, use the left hand menu to open the Student List Page.

Once the page loads, click on Search Filters.

From the Search Filters options, change the Status drop down to Leaver and click Close.

You will now see all of the Leaver Students on your system.

Find the required Student(s) and click View.

You can view Assessment data, Communication or any other data on their record in the same way that you would if they were On Roll.

Tip: If a Student is a Leaver, memberships such as Year Group and Tutor Group will be null or n/a because the Student is no longer active.

Updated on January 6, 2023

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