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Dynamic Field – Pronoun

The pronoun dynamic fields, used for Staff and Students in various pages, looks to the Preferred Pronoun field first, and the Gender field second (if the Preferred Pronoun field is empty) to determine which pronouns to use for the recipient.

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When a pronoun dynamic field (he/she, He/She, him/her, Him/Her, his/her, His/Her) is selected, you will see the following message: A pronoun field has been selected. If preferred pronouns are in use, they will be used for this dynamic field.

Image #1
Send SMS and Emails

Config > Administration > Lookup Tables


On the Preferred Pronouns Lookup Table, when creating/editing an entry a message will appear Preferred Pronouns will be used when dynamic fields are used (eg when sending SMS/Email via the system).

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Config > Administration > Administration Defaults

For both Staff Details and Student Details pages you can choose whether the functionality described above is enabled. The Enable ‘Preferred Pronouns’ in Staff and Student Details pages option on the Administration Defaults page is selected by default. If unselected, the Preferred Pronouns option is not displayed on the Staff Details and Student Details pages, or in popups when editing these details.

When creating a communication via SMS or e-mail with a dynamic field, the warning message about using pronouns is not displayed, and the pronouns used are based on Gender.

The When sending communications using dynamic fields option has a choice of two radio buttons:

  • Use preferred pronouns – this is the default option and enables the functionality described above.
  • Use sex-based pronouns – this disables the functionality described above, but enables the other pronoun options in Staff and Student pages.
Updated on February 21, 2024

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