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How To Use Quick Letter

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This page will show you how to use the Quick Letter option for creating Templates and sending a Quick Letter to one or more Students.

Note: You will need Permission to use the Quick Letter – Manage Templates option. By default the Permission will be given to all Users who currently have the Framework > Send New Message Permission.

To add other Users from the left Menu go to Config > Setup > Roles and Permissions.


Quick Letter Roles & Permissions

Select an existing Role or create a new one, select Framework from the Module dropdown list and add the Permission.

Quick Letter

From the left Menu go to Students > Select a Student > Actions > Quick Letter.

Or go to Students > Select a Student > View > Quick Letter.

When first opened the Quick Letter page will be blank, to add a Template click on the + icon to the right of the Quick Letter Templates.

Note: The + icon will only show when <NOT SELECTED> is displayed in the Template dropdown list.

Temporary Dynamic Fields can be added for use in a one-off Quick Letter allowing Student items to be used without the need of storing them within the system, by using the Upload CSV option. When a CSV file is uploaded a second dropdown list Temporary Data Items is displayed, use this list to select your temporary Dynamic Fields.

Note: The CSV file must have the Student UPN.

The i Information button details.

Creating and Maintaining Templates

Click on the + icon right of the Template dropdown list, the Add Quick Letter Template page will then open.

Enter a Name for the Template and if it is to be the Default Template tick the Set as Default box, this will open the Quick Letter with this Template ready selected.

Use the Add and Remove buttons to add the Dynamic Fields to your Template and the Up and Down Arrow buttons to reposition them if required, when finished click the Save button.

If you already have a Word Document which you would like to use as a Template click on the Upload New Template button and select the Template from your saved area.

Note: This is likely to contain a Header and Footer image used by your School.

Once done the next time you open the Quick Edit page your Default Template will be displayed and the + icon will be replaced with the Pencil icon for editing.

If you click the Pencil icon this will open the Edit Quick Letter pop-up with the name of the Template. There will also be a Download button, so the Template can be downloaded back to Word for changes, then Uploaded again.

Sending a Quick Letter

Select the Student or Students open the Quick Letter and select the Template to be used, this will show the saved Header for the Template. Add the Subject and the Content, using the Dynamic Fields dropdown list where necessary.

Note: The Header selection can be amended, for instance if you selected Title, Initial, Surname they will display on separate rows, these can be moved onto one row with spaces manually.

You can now Preview your Quick Letter, by clicking the Preview button.

If you are happy with the Quick Letter make your selections from the options below:

  • Keep copy of the produced letter(s) under Documents tab – if selected will save a copy of the Quick Letter under the Documents tab on the Student Details page
  • Produce letter for contacts only with Parental Responsibility – if selected the Quick Letter will only be produced for Contacts with Parental Responsibility
  • Add a record into student communication logs – if selected will save a copy of the Quick Letter under the Communication tab on the Student Details page
  • Publish to MCAS – if selected will Publish the Quick Letter on MCAS
  • Send the letter as email to recipients where possible – if selected will sent the Quick Letter to the Recipients email address, from the email address entered, the email will include an attachment of the letter and the email text will say please see attached letter.

Note: If sent by email and the Recipient does not have an email address a letter will be produced.

  • Communication messages will be sent to contacts priorities indicated below – will send the Quick Letter only to the Recipients with the Priorities selected

When finished click the Process button a Confirmation Message will be given.

If OK is selected a further Information Message will be given.

Select OK to finish and sent the Quick Letter.

Updated on December 10, 2021

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