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How to take a Primary Register

Use this guide to;

  • Watch a short video on the New Teachers Dashboard – Take a Register
  • Read guidance on the old Lessons Dashboard – Take a Register

Access: There are no specific permissions required to take Registers from the Lesson Dashboard. As long as you have the Teacher Role and you are timetabled to a Tutor Group, you will be able to take Primary Registers.

See also: How to Take a Register using the Teacher App.

New Teacher Dashboard Primary – Take a Register

New Teacher Dashboard – Take a Register

Old Lessons Dashboard – Take a Register

To Take a Register from the Old Lessons Dashboard click Take Register.

Lessons Dashboard

The cursor is automatically positioned to the relevant period in relation to the time of day when Taking the Register.

Note: In the example below the Projector Mode is off. To put in Projector Mode click Projector Mode

Take a Register – Projector Mode Off
Take a Register – Projector Mode On

Begin to enter the required Attendance Mark for each student, note the screen saves automatically. If an Attendance Mark is entered that has not been enabled for Teacher Registers the system will notify the Teacher with a pop up.

To define which Attendance Marks are Enabled for Teachers go to Config>Attendance>Attendance Codes.

Valid Attendance Mark

When complete Close the Register. The marks are saved automatically as they are entered.

To Take A Register for another member of staff from the Lessons Dashboard select Overview.


From the My Calendar widget click the More drop down and Select a Register if you know the name of the Register. Choose Register Date, Class Code and Period Session as required. Click Ok.

Register Picker

If you do not know the Class Code from the My Calendar widget select the More drop down select Go to my timetable.

From the Show timetable of drop down select the required member of staff to view their timetable and click on a Session to Take the Register.

Note the system will know that the Register has been taken by a different Teacher.

User Timetable
Updated on February 7, 2023

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