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How To Take a Register using the Teacher App

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

The Teacher App is designed to help Teachers complete their day to day tasks, on the go, quickly and easily and is free to download from the App Store for iPhones or Google Play Store for other devices.

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Take Register is the second option displayed once you have logged in. Note: if taking a detention register click View your & others timetable to take a detention register.

This when selected will display options to Take the Register for any Class, Tutor Group, Missing Registers, Fire Drill or Club for any other Teacher.

Once you have your selected Register type open, marking it will be the same for whichever option you selected.


Selecting the Class option will display a list of the Classes a green tick to the left will show the Class Register has been taken a red X will show it has not.

Tutor Group

Selecting the Tutor Group option will display a list of the Tutor Groups a green tick to the left will show the Register has been taken a red X will show it has not.

Missing Registers

Selecting the Missing Registers option will display a list of the Registers that have NOT yet been taken, all will have a red X to the left to show it has not been taken.

Fire Drill

Selecting the Fire Drill option will display a pop-up asking if you want to take a Tutor Group or Class.

A Fire Drill Register does not have a green tick or a red X to the left. Just click on the Register to be taken.

A Student who was marked Absent when the original Register was taken will show light red and will not have a box to add a Mark. A Student who was marked Present or Late will show green and will have a box to add a Mark. The top left of the Register shows the number of Students who were marked Present on the original Register and should now be marked Present on the Fire Register not the number in the Class/Tutor Group. Just click on the box to Mark the Student Present.

Once you have clicked Save you do have the option to go back in and amend a mark for example change Present to Late.

A saved Fire Drill will remain available until midnight of the day taken.


Selecting the Club option will display a list of the Clubs a green tick to the left will show the Register has been taken a red X will show it has not.

Taking a Register

The number of Students in the Register and how many have been marked will display top left, the Register Name and Room centre and the option to Set All of the Marks the same top right. Unmarked Students will display a yellow mark to the left of their Name. If there is any important information that you need to be made aware of, for instance Medical information [if added by your school] will display as a blue info icon, hold your finger over this to see the pop-up information.

Note: There may be other icons displaying alongside the Student depending on the User Defined Flags that your school may have setup.

To mark the Register tap on the first Student, a list of available Marks will be displayed with the Student Name at the top. Scroll up or down to select the required Mark and click on it, the empty circle to the right will now show green, selected. Click the Done button when finished or the Next button to move onto the next Student. To leave the panel at anytime click off the panel, this will now close and any entered Marks will be added to the Register. The Marks will NOT be Saved until you click Save top right.

If you select the Set All option ALL of the Marks added to the Register will be the same. Therefore if the whole Class is Present you will not have to mark them individually.


If a Student has a Detention a red D will be displayed on the Student row, click on the D for more information. If there is more than one Student with a Detention a Next button will be displayed so you can see all Detentions.

Student Record

Hold your finger over a Student to access their Student Details, what you will have access to will be dependent to your access permissions, click on the arrow to the right of each section to see more details.

Updated on March 1, 2023

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