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How to use Bulk Timetable Exclusions

Use this guide to Bulk Exclude Students from selected Periods in a defined date range. This process is often used for Students on a reduced timetable

The process explained in this guide removes the Student from the Register and Timetable for the selected Periods however, the Student is still attached to the Teaching Class and the Student shows on Assessment Sheets for the Teaching Class.

Access: the minimum permissions required to access Bulk Timetable Exclusions is found in the Curriculum Module from Config>Set Up> Roles and Permissions.


Bromcom also has the functionality in Group Exceptions to exclude Students from one Teaching class and add the same Students to another Teaching class for a set period of time and selected Periods in their timetable.

For example a Student has 3 periods each of English and Maths in a week however, they need more support in Maths so you can exclude them from 1 period of English a week and include them in an additional period of Maths in a week. This process is covered in How to use Group Exceptions

From the home screen go to Modules>Curriculum>Bulk Timetable Exclusions


Then either type in the Student(s) name or click the Blue Find Icon to open the Student Selector List to select the required Student(s)

Then set the From and To dates to define the date range when you want to Exclude the Students from their Timetables

Then click the required Periods, you can select more than one Period.

Bulk Timetable Exclusions

In this example we have selected a single Student and defined a From and To date range and then chosen Periods 4 and 5

Then click Search.


The selected Timetable will now appear in the right hand panel as per the example below, note it shows the Teaching Class names.

Student List

You then have the option to Select the required periods on the right or Select All and then Exclude to complete the process.

In this example we have selected 3 periods;

  • MA10/A1 Weds Period 4
  • EN10/A1 Weds Period 5
  • GE10A1 Thurs 5

Click Confirm the complete the process.

You can also use the Grid Actions to copy, export or print your selection, you could copy and paste this information into an email to send to Staff to inform them of the Exclusions

Example CSV

If we now go to Groups>Teaching Class>View>Group Exceptions we can see the Student Excluded as per the selected Periods. Note the Student is still attached to the Teaching Class in the Student Memberships Panel

Teaching Class View

The Student is no longer on the register for the Excluded Periods and the Teaching Classes DO NOT SHOW on the Student Timetable.

They do however, show on Assessment Sheets for the Teaching Class

Updated on June 12, 2023

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