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How to View User Timetables

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use this article to access and Take a Register for another member of staff, the system will know you have taken a Register for another member of staff.

The User Timetable page can be viewed either from the Attendance Module, the My Calendar Widget or the Lessons Dashboard.

Go to Modules>Attendance> User Timetable from within the Registers menu.

User Timetables

Or from the Overview tab select the My Diary Widget and choose Go To My Timetable from the drop down.

Go To My Timetable

Teachers can also access this from the Lessons Dashboard by click My Timetable on the left

My Timetable

From the dropdown list select the User whose Timetable is to be viewed. To view the Register click on the cell that displays the Class Code.

Select a User

Or you can click on the Select a Register button.

Select a Register

Select the DateClass Code and Period you wish to view, then click the OK button.

The Teacher view of a Register will appear.

Take A Register
Updated on November 9, 2022

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