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New Early Years Framework

As of the 2021 Autumn Term, a new Framework has been outlined by the Government regarding how Early Years Students are assessed.

Use this guide as a reference for the new Early Years Framework and the changes we have made within the MIS to the Early Years Assessment Wizard, in accordance with Government guidelines. The official Government guidance can be found below;

There are three changes that have been made to the Early Years Framework for Primary Schools, these have been broken down in to separate sections below;

Age Bands

The Government have reduced the number of age bands used for when assessment data is collected for Early Years Students. These are now broken down as follows;

  • 0-3 Years
  • 3-4 Years
  • Reception

Students have Early Learning Goals which are assessed at the end of Reception, these are used to inform EYFS outcomes.


Early Years assessment has its own subject list with internal topics. These topics then contain Statements, against which Students are marked for criteria like listening and responding to an instruction.

Each Statement contains the age band and all of the Statements have now been updated to reflect the new Framework.

Manage Statements

Schools will now have the ability to upload and manage Statements in bulk via Config>Assessment>Early Years Assessment Sheets>Manage Statements.

The new Manage Statements option

This page works similarly to the Manual Data Export/Import process, where the Statements are downloaded from the MIS and amended in that file before being uploaded back on to the page.

Note: After the update, we recommend that you re-run and fully complete the Early Years Assessment wizard to ensure your Early Years sheets are generated.

If data is already in place for the new term, it will be lost once the update is made to the MIS.


You can report on your previous years Summative and Formative results by importing the Early Years Formative Assessment Results and Early Years Summative Assessment Results reports from the Online Repository. A guide on how to do this is below.

See also: How to use the Online Report Repository

Updated on October 26, 2021

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