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How To Add and View Homework using the Teacher App

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This page will show you how to add Add and View Homework for Students

See also: How To Register and Login to the Teacher App and How To Use the Teacher App

Once logged in click on the Homework option.

This will open the Homework page, giving two options Set New Homework and View Homework. Click on the right facing Arrow to open the page.

Set New Homework

The Homework page will display enter the information as required, the Title, Description and Subject fields are mandatory.

Note: If you select Save anytime the Set Homework page will close, you can return to it using the Edit option. If you move back on your device if not already saved the Homework will not be saved.

  • Title Name of Homework
  • Description Description of Homework
  • Subject Subject selected from dropdown list
  • Markset No mark required or selected from dropdown list
  • Maximum Score – Enter Maximum Score, option cannot be used if a Markset other than No mark required has been used
  • Submission Type – Four options selected from dropdown list, Submit a file online, No file required, Offline submission or No Submission Required

Tick the box to Share a copy of your Homework in Learning Resources.

Once done there are four more options available.

Assigned Classes

Select the Class to be assigned from the Class Group dropdown list, then click the Add Group + button to add them, repeat to add other Classes if required. Classes that have been added will be listed under the Linked Groups section, where they can also be removed by clicking the X to the right of the Group.

Set the Available From and Due Date for the Homework.


Use the Resources option to add files or website links for use with the Assignment by clicking the + buttons and uploading files or adding website links.

Assessment Links can be added as well by select the Assessment Type, Term and Year Group from the dropdown lists.

Assign Students

Students can also be Assigned either instead of or as well as Classes.

Click the Add Student button, this will default to the Students list where Students can be selected by ticking the box to the right. When finished click the Next button top right.

To Add Students from a Group click the Add Student button, then click the Groups tab, this will display all of the Group Types. Click on the arrow on the right of the Group to display the Students and tick the boxes to the right to Add the Students in the same way as from the Students list.

When finished click Save and you will see a message Homework has been created Successfully, click OK.

View Homework

To View or Edit Homework click on the View Homework option.

This will display the Groups you have assigned Homework to and Students Directly Assigned Homework outside of those Groups. Click on the arrow to the right to continue.

You now have the option to Edit the Homework, which will open the Set Homework page for amendments to be made or to Mark the Homework.

To Mark the Homework click on the Mark button, this will display the Homework information and a list of Students, showing Homework Pending or Submitted.

To Mark the Homework click on a Student showing as Submitted. Click on the submitted file to read it, give a Mark and a Comment if required, then click Save. A message will be given Homework has been marked successfully, click OK.

This will now change from Submitted to Received.

To Send or Read a Message, click on the Message button, this will show with a red Dot if there are Messages for you. When open a red Dot will display on the Student/s who have sent you messages, to reply just click on the Student. The Student Messages will display in white and the Teacher in blue. Clicking on the Attachment Paper Clip icon will allow you to add an Attachment or hyperlink.

Updated on September 27, 2021

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