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How To Create User Defined Flags

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How to Create or Edit User Defined Flags that will appear on Student Records and Registers.

  • Create customised Flags on the Student Record and Registers

From the left Menu select Config > Administration > User Defined Flags

From the User Defined Flags page click on the New button, this will open a new page to the right.

The new User Defined Flag can now be created from this page.

•A User Defined Flag is assigned to a Type or Flag with is either a:

  • Data Field – for example Pupil Premium, SEND, EAL etc
  • UDF (User Defined Field) – see Creating a User Defined Field
  • Group – any Group within the MIS including Reporting Groups (see Create a Report Group) (page under construction)
  • Name – enter a Name for the Flag
  • Description – enter a Description
  • Flag – select a Flag symbol and a colour
  • Tooltip Text – enter what will be seen when you hover over the Flag, so make this as descriptive as possible

Updated on September 3, 2020

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