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How To Make a Staff Leave Request

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

This functionality is used to how to Request, View and Amend the Status to Leave Requests

See also: How To Record Staff Absences

Making a Leave Request

To make a Leave Request from the left Menu go to Staff, select the member of Staff and click View.

Staff List Page

From the Staff Record click on the Absences & Leave Request tab.

Staff Profile Menu

Scroll down to see the Leave Requests section and click on the + icon top right to add a Leave Request.

Leave Request Panel

This will open the Add/Edit Leave Request pop-up.

Add/Edit Leave Request
  • Leave Type – Is selected from the dropdown list. Leave Types can be created in Config>Administration>Lookup Tables>Leave Request Types
  • Start Date & End Date – Are the Dates for the Leave Request
  • Number of Days – Is the Number of Days the Leave Request is for
  • Status – Is the approval given by the Managing member of Staff, this could be Pending, Rejected or Approved
  • Managed By – Is the Member of Staff Managing the Leave Requests
  • Managed Date – is the Date the Leave Request was dealt with

Once completed click the Save button and the Request will be added to the Leave Requests grid.

Leave Request Panel

Click on a Request Type and the Dustbin icon to Remove Requested Leave, there will be a Warning Message select Cancel or Proceed.

Confirm Remove Leave Request

Authorising Leave Requests

To Authorise a Leave Request go to Staff > select the Staff Member > View

Staff List>Select>View

Once in the Staff Profile select Absences & Leave Requests from the left and double click on the Requested Leave to open the pop-up box.

Double Click on the Leave Request

Change the Status to Approved or Rejected, check the Managed By and Managed Date is correct and click Save.

Approved Leave

Leave Types can be added or edited under Config > Administration > Lookup Tables > Leave Request Types. See How to Edit Lookup Tables

Updated on November 22, 2022

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