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How to view Assessment Reports (Secondary)

Use this guide to see examples of the following built in Assessment Reports for a Secondary School.

The report examples and screenshots in this guide are taken from a Secondary database and are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the reports in your school.

Access: The minimum permissions required to access the built in Assessment Reports are found in the Assessment>Reporting Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.


The Grades in these reports are populated from Assessment information added to a Student record usually from an Assessment Sheet. See How to Create and Assessment Sheet

For further analysis of Assessment see here.

See here for more information on the Assessment Module.

Access Built in Reports

From the left hand Menu bar go to Reports>Assessment


View Grades by Classes

This report could be used by a Head of Subject or Head of Department to analyse Assessment Data across various classes.

Report Parameters

In this example we’ve chosen 2 Year 11 Maths Classes and then defined the Assessment Associations i.e. Assessment Type, Term, Year Group and Subject. Tip you can choose more than one Assessment Type, Term, Year Group or Subject

Once you’ve added in the Assessment Associations you have the opportunity to rename the column in Association Column Name for example for the Assessment Type ‘ATL’ I may want to rename this Attitude to Learning dependant on who will be reading the report.

We’ve asked to include AM/PM Attendance Figures and defined a date range for the Attendance data.

We’ve included Teacher Details and ticked to Include Grade Summary

Click Preview to run the Report

Example Report Parameters

I know have 3 pages of reports , one for each of the 2 classes I selected and a final Grade Summary

Class Report Example
Grade Summary Example

View Grades by Students

This Individual Student Report is often used for Year Groups where all Students are taking the same Subjects for example Year 7,8 or 9

In this example we have chosen Year 9 and selected the Assessment Types, Terms, Year Groups and Subjects we want to include in the Report

In the Generic Report Options section we have selected what Attendance information we wish to include and defined the date ranges for the Attendance information

We have also defined what Tutor/Teacher Details we want to include

In the School Free Text Editor section you have the option to add Free Text either above or below the table of Assessment Data.

Once you are happy with your selections click Preview to run the Report

Example Grades by Student Report

View Grades by Subjects

This report could be used by a Head of Year or Head of Faculty to see Assessment Data across Subjects

Select the Subject Name and Assessment Associations as required with the option to include Attendance information with a defined Start and End Date.

If required tick to Include Class Teacher Details

Page Break by Group if required.

Click Preview

Example View Grades by Subjects
Example View Grades by Subject
Updated on February 22, 2024

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