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How to Add a Top Up Funding Record to a Student

Note: All pages shown below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

In this guide, we are going to show you how to create a Top Up Funding Record for a Student either manually or in Bulk. This information would normally be added when a Student is given an Educational Health Care Plan.

Top Up Funding can either be added manually or in Bulk if required, the Bulk method will be shown at the end of this guide.

Note: This data will be collected in upcoming Census runs, so it is crucial you obtain and enter the correct information.

See also: Pupil Premium Status and How to add FSM Eligibility to a Student.

Adding Top Up Funding Manually

To begin, you will need to go to the Students List page.

Once you have identified the Student, click on them so that they are highlighted and press View.

Students List

Once you have opened the Student’s Record, either scroll down to or use the Panel Selector to bring up the Funding & Allowances Panel as shown below;

Funding & Allowances – Panel Selector
Funding & Allowances – Scroll

Once you have the Funding & Allowances Panel in front of you, press the + Icon to the right of the Panel.

This will bring up five options, the one you need to click is Top Up Fundings.

Top Up Fundings

This will open a pop out screen containing a Tab for each of the five options, which you can navigate through later if needed.

For the purpose of adding Top Up Funding, use the Click to Add New Top Up button.

Click to Add New Top Up

This will allow you to add a new Top Up Funding Record by entering the information you have for the Student.

Once entered, press Save.

Note: All fields with * next to them are mandatory and must be completed.

Adding Data

The Funding Record will now be visible when you go back to the Top Up Funding Panel of the Student.

Record Saved and visible

As previously mentioned, you can navigate through the other Tabs such as Additional Information if you need to enter information there too.

Other Tabs

In the Additional Information Tab you can add the following fields; for example Looked After or Adopted from Care.

Additional Information

Adding Top Up Funding in Bulk

To Add Top Up Funding in Bulk (to multiple Students), you can use Quick Edit.

Quick Edit works on the basis of selecting multiple Students from the Students List page and using Quick Edit to flood fill each of their Records with the exact same data

Note: This method will apply the exact same information to each Student selected. If some of the data is/needs to be different for some of the Students, it may be wise to carry out multiple Quick Edits.

See Also: How to use Quick Edit for Bulk Changes

Quick Edit is found via the Students List page under Actions.

Within Quick Edit, you can find Top Up Funding towards the bottom of the list.

Once you select it, you will be able to enter the same information that you would if you were creating a Funding Record manually;

Once the information is entered, press Update.

You should then receive a Success Notification.

Note: If this was carried out for a lot of Students, double check some of their Records to ensure it has been processed for all of them.

Updated on October 11, 2023

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