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How to Manage and Add Contacts from a Student’s Record.

In this guide, we will show you how to manage and add Contacts (to a Student) via a Student Record. This article will cover the following areas;

  • Contact Quick Reference Icons
  • Edit Contacts
  • Add Contacts
  • Remove (Orphan) Contacts, which can be retrieved later.

See also How to add a new address to a Contact and link to related Students

Note: The Emergency Contact name and number are displayed on the top right of the Student Profile Page. The Emergency Contact is the Priority 1 contact.

Access: The minimum permissions required to follow this guide are found in the Framework Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Contact Quick Reference Icons

The (H) next to a contacts name indicates the contact lives at the same address as the student.

TheGreen House icon next to a contacts name indicates that 2 contacts live at the same address.

Green House

Edit Contacts

From the left Menu go to Students>View>Profile and look for the Contacts panel.


To Edit an existing Contact move the pointer to that Contact, which will now display blue with icons to the right, click on the Pencil icon to Edit.

Using the Tabs along the top of the pop-up you can now Edit the Personal Details, Linked Students, Phone & Email, Address and User Defined Fields associated with the Contact.

If a Note has been added to either the e-mail or Telephone Number a blue i Information icon will be displayed, moving the mouse pointer over this will display the Note as a pop-up message.

Add Contacts to the Student Record

To Add a Contact click on the + icon top right of the Contacts panel.

This will open the Add/Edit pop-up, with two options, Click to Add Existing Contact or Click to Add a New Contact.

To add an Existing Contact simply Search for them and Select the right person.

If there are any existing Linked Students, these will be displayed and the Linked Students tab will automatically open.

If not and you wish to Link Students click on the Linked Students tab and add these manually by working along the Phone & Email and Address tabs then clicking the Save button.

If you select Create a New Contact you will need to work along the tabs filling in all of the fields and then click the Save button.

Linked Students

For each student in the Linked Students tab you need to identify the following:

  • Contact’s Relationship to this Student – select from dropdown list
  • Parental Responsibility – this is key when sending Communications through Bromcom to Contacts
  • Grant access to student details in MCAS – this will give access to Student information on the Parent Portal
  • Parental BallotStudent Reports and Correspondence – these allow Contact lists to be filtered on these items
  • Transfer Address – will Transfer the Contact Address with the Student
  • Court Order Restricted Access – select if there is a Court Order in place to Restrict Access
  • Source of Contact Priority – select from dropdown list
  • Contact Priority – this is the Contact’s Priority to the Student
  • Alternative Contact Notes – is Free Text

Phone & Email

The Priority is the Telephone priority and not the Contact priority.


There are two options for the Address, Link to Known Address or Click to Add New Address.

If a new Address is being added, enter the Address Type (for example Home or Work), add the Start Date this address is being used from, the Postcode and click on Search to find a list of addresses within that Postcode. Select the Address from the list and click on the Use button, when complete click on the Save button.

Note: By using the Postcode Finder it will automatically be a validated address with a URPN for Census purposes.

Again, you have the option to Link to Known Address.

The Contact Record is now complete to save to the Student Record click on the Save button.

When Editing an Address the the UPRN can be disabled by clicking on the Pencil icon to the right. This will grey out the UPRN and make it Non Applicable opening the Address fields for manual entry.

Removing Contacts

When you Delete a Contact, that Contact becomes an Orphaned Contact. Move the pointer to the Contact to be removed, who will now display blue, click on the Dustbin icon

A Confirmation message will be given select Cancel or Proceed.

That Contact is no longer visible on the Contacts panel.

To view the list of Orphaned Contacts, from the left Menu go to Others, click on the Search Filters option top right and from the Contact Type dropdown select Orphaned Contacts.

Contact Codes

There is a list of Codes that will or will not be highlighted depending on the selections made for the Contact giving an instant view of what selections have been given to that Contact.

  • C – Copy any Correspondence for the Student
  • P – Parental Responsibility
  • B – Can vote in Parental Ballots
  • R – Should receive copies of Student Report
  • T – Transfer Contact Address with Student
  • House:
    • Green – Lives at same Address as (person named)
    • Red – Lives at same Address as (person named), but is a different address from those listed under green
    • No House – No one lives at the same address
    • Red circle with white line – No Access
  • Waving Person:
    • Grey – MCAS login credentials not available for this person
    • Green – Click to use MCAS using this Contact’s credentials

Updated on March 1, 2023

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