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How to add Exclusions to a Student

Note: All pages shown are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

This guide has been created to detail the process of adding an Exclusion to a Student. This would begin by selecting the required Student via the Students List Page and pressing View to open their Record.

Once the Student Record is open, you would then select the Behaviour Tab from the side Menu and scroll down to the Exclusions section.

Behaviour Tab

To create a new Exclusion, press the + icon on the top right of the section.

This will open the Add/Edit Exclusion window where the details of the Incident can be entered.

Add/Edit Exclusion

From here, it is a case of ensuring that the correct information is entered to reflect the details of the Incident, such as the date and sessions.

Note: Per DfE Guidance, the Reason of Fixed Term is only valid for Exclusions before 31.07.2021. The Reason for suspension is only valid for Exclusions taking place on or after 01.08.2021.

Note: It is crucial that the information is correct because Exclusions can only be PARTIALLY EDITED after they have been created and saved. Exclusions can also be affected by Inset/Non Academic Days, so please check that these are also correct via Config>Curriculum>Academic Days.

Example Details

Once the details of the Exclusion are correct, you would then need to scroll down and expand the next section – Contact Record for the Exclusion.

Below is where the communication details following the Incident to Parents/Governors/The LA is recorded.

Example Details

Once the above sections are complete, you would lastly need to expand and complete the final section which is – Confirmation and Appeals Record for the Exclusion.

Note: The time at which you record the details for this section depends on if you are logging the Exclusion retrospectively or as it happened. Some Schools will record everything after the process/appeal is finished, others will record the previous sections and then return to complete the following section later once they have the details (there is no wrong method).

As and when you are ready, the final section is where you record the details of the Governing Committee meeting for hearing the Appeal.

Details required

This section will change and provide different options depending on the Gov’s Decision that you select below.

Exclusion Stands – The details originally entered are upheld.

Example Details – Exclusion Stands

Reinstatement – The Student is to be reinstated following successful Appeal/Hearing.

Example Details – Reinstatement

After all of the required information has been entered, you can now press Save & Close.

Note: You can save throughout the process as the Save and Save & Close buttons are fixed.

You should now receive a Success Message and see that the Exclusion is Saved.

Exclusion Record

If you wish to amend/add to the Exclusion you can double click on it to return to the Edit Exclusion screen. You will see which areas are now non editable, which is why it is crucial to ensure they are correct as you would need to Delete and Create a new Exclusion if certain details are wrong.

The details that can/can’t be edited after the Exclusion is saved.

You can now also add an Incident Report by clicking Add Report

Adding an Incident Report

Add Behaviour is essentially a shortcut that allows you to assign a Behaviour Event (positive or negative) to the Student. It is not linked to the Exclusion and does not affect it, but is more of an area where you can monitor the behaviour of the Student since the Exclusion was added.

Adding a Behaviour Event from this section

You will now see the Behaviour Event assigned when you next Edit the Exclusion Record.

See also: https://docs.bromcom.com/knowledge-base/how-to-view-the-student-details-behaviour-page/

Updated on September 24, 2021

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