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How to add SEN Information to a Student

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions..

Use this process to update a Student Profile with SEN information. The SEN information can be updated anytime after the initial Student Profile is created. Click here to create a New Student.

This guide will show you how to update information such as their SEN Status, Special Needs and Gifted and Talented.

Start from the Student List Page and select the Student who’s SEN information you wish to update.

Click View

The Students Profile will open, using the drop down menu under All at the top select Special Educational Needs.

This takes you to the Special Educational Needs area. There is a + on the right of the box header that will allow you to update information. Please Click on the +, then four options will appear and you can select the area you wish to update by clicking on one of them.

SEN – Here you update the SEN Provision – these codes are not editable, and the Broad Area of Need – these can be updated in the Look Ups. Please click Here for support with updating Look Ups.

You must also add a Start Date, and if you wish to change from one Provision to another. You must Add an End Date to the original one before a new SEN Provision can be added.

Click Save.

Special Needs – here you are able to add their Type of Need and the Priority. The Type of Need is a dropdown that cannot be edited.

You must also add a Start Date, if a Special Need ends then you can come back in here and add an End Date.

Click Save.

Gifted and Talented – if a Student is identified as being Gifted and Talented you can record it here by adding the Date when they became Gifted and Talented.

Click Save.

Additional Needs – For more information on this area please click here.

Updated on May 21, 2021

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  1. Hi We have just got Bromcom and I will be working in the SEN section. Can I ask if there is a section where I can add their Targets, Strageties of support? We usually call them IMP (Individual Mapping Plans)

    1. Good Morning Ann
      Thank you for your comments I have asked your Customer Success Manager Katie de Matos to contact you regarding this
      Kind Regards
      Bromcom Training

  2. Hi I need to make an IMP template. I have note received any call back from katie. I need to transfer information about SEN onto students profiles. Do you have any information you can forward to me please

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