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How to Transfer Students between Groups

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There are a several ways of transferring a Student from one Group to another, depending on which part of the system the user is working in.

See also: How to Assign Students to Groups.

From the Student List Page select the Student to transfer and click View.

From within the Student Details, select the Enrolment option and scroll down to the Class Memberships panel.

Move the mouse over the Class in question to see the icons on the right enabling you to View, Edit or Delete the class.

Click the pencil to Edit the record

Untick the Track Class End Date and then add the End Date to terminate the Student Membership of this Group.

From Student Details > Enrolment, scroll down to the Class Memberships panel and select the More button on the right of the header.

This will open a pop-out window showing the current Classes for the Student.

Click to highlight the Group to transfer from and then select the Transfer  button.

Only a single Group may be used in the Transfer, so either enter the Group in the window and select or use the Find to select it.

Set the Start Date of the new Group and leave the Track Class End Date in place, if desired.

If a separate Subject/Band is selected, a warning will appear to that effect.

Click Proceed to continue.

When you’re finished click Close to exit the pop-up.

Updated on November 9, 2022

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