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How To use Classwork Observation using the Teacher App

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This page will show you how to add Classwork Observations for Students

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Once logged in click on the Classwork Observation option.

This will open the Classwork Observation page, giving three options Record New Observation, View Recent Observation or Save Media for Later. Click on the right facing Arrow to open the page.

Record New Observation

The Subjects for Observation will be listed, the number in the circle will show how many pre-created Statements are available to select from. Click on the right facing Arrow to open the page.

If there are a high number of Statements listed these may be separated in Groups as with the English KS3 selection.

If this happens then click on the down Arrow to the right of the Group you wish to use. This will open the list of Statements, tick the box on the right of the Statement/s to be used then click on the Next button to add the Students this will be applied to.

From the Student List tick the box to the right of the Student/s to apply the Statement to, use the Search option if you cannot see them, when finished click on the Next button.

This will display the Observation Form with the Statement/s to be applied and the selected Student/s.

There is a Free Text Observation box and supporting Media can be added in the form of a Photo or a Video by clicking on the +Add Media button.

When Media has been added the button will change to a green Remove Media button.

When finished click the Save button, which will give a Saved Successfully message.

View Recent Observation

Clicking on the Recent Observations option will display the Teacher’s Observation List, with the names of the Students.

Click on the right facing arrow on the right of the Student to view the Observation.

Save Media for Later

Clicking on the Save Media for Later option will give you two options Take Photo or Take Video, when done this can be saved for use later.

Updated on July 22, 2021

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