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School Census Error 4012

Use this guide to resolve School Census Error 4012

Error 4012:

DfE Validation:

  • Where <LearnFAMCode> is equal to ’01’, <LearnFAMHours> must be greater than 0
  • Number of hours of tuition must be provided and be greater than zero for pupils recorded as in receipt of National Tutoring Programme (NTP)

Explanation for 4012:

  • If Learner Funding & Monitoring in Student Profile>Funding & Allowances>Learner Monitoring is set to 01 In Receipt of National Tutoring Programme then the Student must have number of hours greater than zero in the relevant Census box.

Read Guidance:

  • For further guidance on Bromcom Census see here


Go to Students>Student Profile>Funding & Allowances.


To edit click on a record.

Select Record

Then click the right hand side pencil icon to edit Learning Monitoring

Edit Learner Monitoring

Check hours in relevant Census. September to October = Autumn, October to January = Spring and January to May = Summer.

The Total Hours This Year will automatically calculate the totals.

In each census, the DfE will collect the Total Hours received up to and including census day as a cumulative total for the whole academic year, to the nearest 0.5.

Where a pupil is dually registered, only enter the number of hours the pupil has received in your school.

Click Save.

IMPORTANT in order for the resolved error/query to be removed from the list of errors/queries you would need to generate a new Census return and remember to use save & validate for the errors/queries to update/clear.

Updated on February 22, 2024

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