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School Census Query 5240Q

Use this guide to resolve School Census Query 5240Q

Error 5420Q

DfE Validation:

  • Where <HoursAtSetting> is greater than or equal to 25, <PartTime> should equal ‘false’
  • Please check: The number of hours at setting indicates that the pupil may be attending the school full time. However, they have been recorded as part-time


  • It is NOT expected by the DfE that a student attending more than 25 hours a week would be flagged as part-time.
  • To check the Hours at Setting for the Student go to Modules>Census>School>Select return>Edit>Pupil Reconciliation>Hours at Setting. For DfE guidance on Hours at Setting see here.
  • To check if a Student is flagged as Part Time go to Students>View>Student Profile>Enrolment>Key Data>Edit Key Data>Attendance Mode.
  • If both the Hours at setting and Attendance Mode are correct you will need to submit a validation note with collect.

For further guidance on Bromcom Census see here

To check Hours at Setting go to Modules>Census>School

School Census

Then click on the required return ( this will then colour blue) then click Edit.

Then scroll down to see the Pupil Reconciliation panel with the column Hours at Setting.

Pupil reconciliation

To check Student Attendance Mode go to Students>View>Student Profile>Enrolment>Key Data.

Then click the pencil to the right of Key Data to Edit Key Data.

Edit Key Data

Then choose the Attendance Modes tab and click the Edit pencil icon next to the Attendance Mode you wish to view/edit

Edit Attendance Mode

Check the Attendance mode is correct, remember to click Save if you make any amendments.

Attendance Mode


IMPORTANT in order for the resolved error/query to be removed from the list of errors/queries you would need to generate a new Census return and remember to use save & validate for the errors/queries to update/clear.

Updated on February 22, 2024

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