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Summer 2024 Census

This page contains guidance for completing the Summer 2024 School Census. It will be updated as and when we receive updates from DfE.

The Summer 2024 School Census file is now available to run.

Access: The permissions required to run and troubleshoot the Census are found in the Census Module of Config>Setup>Roles and Permissions. Each tick box on the right determines which functions are visible/available on the page for users with the selected Role.


See also: How to get started with Roles & Permissions

Important dates

Census Date: Thursday 16th May 2024

Return Date: Wednesday 12th June 2024

Known Issues

Please check back in this area for updates.

Resolved Issues

The following Errors/Queries are now resolved, please be aware these Errors/Queries may still appear however, they are no longer appearing incorrectly.

  • Error 3033 – Expanded Hours being returned incorrectly. 
  • Error 3034 – An eligibility code has been entered where pupil is not in the eligible age range (almost directly linked) to 3033. 
  • Error 3200 – The basis for funding should only be recorded for pupils aged 2 with funded hours greater than zero
  • Error 5235 – 2-year-old basis for funding is missing or an invalid value for a two year old with funded hours
  • Error 1846 – <EYPPR> tag not included in the summer census for all student within date range

DfE Guidance

It is your responsibility to read the DfE guidance to check all the information you should be submitting as part of your School Census Return.

DfE’s guidance about the Census is published here, including the main changes compared to previous years.

When you’ve resolved all your errors and are ready to submit your census, take a look at the DfE’s COLLECT guides for help with what explanations to submit for any existing queries.

For DfE guidance on which schools and pupils to include see here.

Bromcom Guidance

Below are the links to the Summer 2024 guidance documents

For running Census Reports see How to View Census Reports

New Feature: In addition to the above guidance documents you can now search for detailed guidance on resolving the most common errors or queries in our Help Centre.

Simply type in the Error or Query Number into the Search box

Search in Help Centre

Book onto a Census Overview Webinar

You can book onto one of our free Census Webinars below, there are several dates available for each session;

Secondary Census Webinar

Secondary Webinar Dates

Thursday 2nd May 9:00am-11:00am

Wednesday 8th May 9:00am-11:00am

Primary Census Webinar

Primary Webinar Dates

Wednesday 1st May 9:00am-11:00am

Thursday 9th May 1:30pm-3:30pm

Watch Webinar Recordings

Please see links below to view the Summer 2024 School Census Webinar Recordings. You will be asked to confirm your details before watching the recordings.

Primary Summer Census Live Webinar Recording 2024

Secondary Summer Census Live Webinar Recording 2024

Drop in Sessions

For users who have attended one of our Summer Census Webinars but still have follow up questions, we are also hosting three Drop in Sessions via Teams.

To attend a Drop in Session, you must have already attended one of our Summer Census Webinars. The link to join the sessions and dates can be found below;

Click here to join the meeting

Tuesday 21st May 10:00am -11:00am

Thursday 6th June 10:00am -11:00am

Additional Guidance

How is Pupil Premium calculated in Bromcom

Updated on May 20, 2024

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