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School Census Error 1886E

Use this guide to resolve School Census Error 1886.

DfE Validation: The sum of [<QualHrsPreviousYear> and <Non_qualHrsPreviousYear>] must be greater than zero where pupils have at least one <LearningAim> node where <LearningStartDate> is before 2023-08-01 and <LearningActualEndDate> is blank or before census day 2023-10-05 and <ProgType> is equal to ‘01’ or ‘30’

Explanation: Pupil has at least one learning aim which was active in the previous academic year but there are no previous year planned learning hours recorded

Access: In order to update Learning Hours you will need access to Learning Hours Maintenance within the Census Module > Routines > Learning Hours Maintenance of Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions


For this error, where a student has a Learning Aim in the previous academic year, Learning Hours must be recorded.

These can be added via Modules > Census > Learning Hours Maintenance


Select the required academic year, you wish to update the Learning Hours for, then use the spy glass search icon to select the required students.

Learning Hours Maintenance

Upon clicking Go you will then be able to add the required hours.

Important: Once any changes have been made, you will need to create a new Census return completing save and validate, to retrieve the amendments and clear the error/query.

Updated on February 22, 2024

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