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School Census Error 2903

Use this guide to resolve School Census Error 2903

DfE Validation: Each <ProgrammeAim> must contain at least one <LearningAim>

DfE Explanation: A programme aim must contain at least one learning aim

For this error, the Programme Aim must contain at least one Learning Aim that starts on or after the Programme Aim start date. For a Learning Aim to be linked to a Programme Aim they need to be within the same date range, and the study type (e.g. 16-19 study programme) needs to be the same.

Access: To manage Programme and Learning Aims via the student record, the permissions required can be accessed via the Framework Module > People > Students of Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions.


Related Guidance: How to Manage Learning Aims for the Permissions for adding either via the Student Profile or in Bulk

Go to Students>Enrolment to review their Programme and Learning Aims.

Student Profile
Example 1 Y13 Student Programme Aim start date incorrectly entered

Troubleshooting – Example 1

In the example above this is a Y13 student whose Programme Aim was entered incorrectly and starts after the Learning Aim, therefore it is not linked. The dates will need to be checked to ensure the Programme Aim contains a Learning Aim within the same date range. In this example the Programme Aim start date will be amended to begin when the student began their Post 16 course, in line with the Learning Aim start date.

Important Note: Programme Aims begin when the student started the Post 16 course. Students only have ONE Programme Aim of a particular type e.g. 16-19 Programme of Study

Using the Pencil Icon to edit the Programme Aim will open a pop up to amend the start date to when the student began their Post 16 course:

Edit Programme Aim

Upon pressing Save you will receive the following popup, you can choose whether to update the status of the Learning Aims. If you choose Yes this will check if the start date of the Learning Aim is within the programme aim date range and attach all meeting this requirement. Linking them to the Programme Aim.

Update Learning Aims Message

Upon choosing Yes the Programme and Learning Aims are now linked. The Programme Aim now starts correctly, at the start of this Y13 student’s entry into Post 16 learning.

Linked Programme and Learning Aims

Troubleshooting – Example 2

In this example, the Learning Aim starts before the Programme Aim. This example uses a Y12 student. To rectify, check the dates of the Learning Aim are within the Programme Aim e.g. they start on or after the Programme Aim start date.

Example 2 – Learning Aim begins after the Programme Aim start date

In this example the Learning Aim start date has been amended to begin in line with the Programme Aim (the start of their Post 16 course). By using the edit Pencil Icon to amend the Learning Aim start date.

Edit Learning Aim Start Date

To update the link edit the Programme Aim using the Pencil Icon, without making any changes and click Save.

Pencil Icon to Edit
Save without changes
Update the Learning Aims

This will update any Learning Aims found within the Programme Aim’s dates to link them.

Learning Aims Linked to Programme Aim

Important: Once any changes have been made, you will need to create a new Census return completing save and validate, to retrieve the amendments and clear the error/query.

Updated on February 22, 2024

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