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School Census Error 2170

In this guide, we will cover how to troubleshoot the Spring 2023 Census Error 2170

DfE Validation: <SENtype> must be present and valid where <SENprovision> equals ‘K’ or ‘E’ 

Explanation: this error will occur if you have a Student recorded with an SEN Status of either E (Education and Health Care Plan) or K (SEN Support), but the Student does not have any SEN Needs recorded.

Read Guidance:

  • For further guidance on Bromcom Census see here

For the Students identified, add an SEN Need via the Special Educational Needs & SEN panel on the following screen: Students > View Student Details>Special Educational Needs>SEN


The SEN tab shows SEN Provision and Broad Area of Need Type.

SEN Provision

Click Save.

The Special Needs tab shows Type of Need. Enter the required Priority, choose a Type of Need from the drop down and define the Start Date.

Type of Need

Click Save.

IMPORTANT in order for the resolved error/query to be removed from the list of errors/queries you would need to generate a new Census return and remember to use save & validate for the errors/queries to update/clear.

Updated on January 18, 2024

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