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School Census Error 1992E

1992E: Pupil has at least one learning aim which has been active during the current year but there are no planned learning hours recorded for the current academic year.

DFE Validation

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Troubleshooting 1 – Current Students

Access: In order to update Learning Hours you will need access to Learning Hours Maintenance within the Census Module > Routines > Learning Hours Maintenance of Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions


For current students check their Planned Learning Hours via Modules > Census > Learning Hours Maintenance. Hours can be updated here.


Troubleshooting 2 – Leaver Students

Access: In order to update Learning Aims in bulk you will need access to Bulk Learning Aims Update within the Curriculum Module > Student Post 16 > Bulk Learning Aim Update of Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions


For leaver students, you would need to check their Learning Aim end dates. If these are after 31/07/23, the system will be expecting hours after this date. The dates may need to be amended inline with the DFE Validation. These can be amended in bulk via Modules > Curriculum > Bulk Learning Aim Update.


Important: Once any changes have been made, you will need to create a new Census return completing save and validate, to retrieve the amendments and clear the error/query.

Updated on February 22, 2024

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