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School Census Error 1887

Autumn Return Only

1887E: Student does not have at least one learning aim recorded that was active in the previous academic year therefore, the previous year’s planned learning hours and/or planned employability, enrichment and pastoral hours should not be present

DFE Validation

Access: In order to update Learning Hours you will need access to Learning Hours Maintenance within the Census Module > Routines > Learning Hours Maintenance of Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions

Permissions Learning Hours Maintenance


Troubleshooting 1: If the students who have this error do not have Learning/Programme Aims for last year, check their Qualification Learning hours and Non qualification Learning Hours on the following screen:
Path: Census > Routines > Learning Hours Maintenance

Hours can be updated from here to accurately reflect their Learning/Programme Aims.

Learning Hours Maintenance
Updating Learning Hours

Troubleshooting 2: If this error occurs and students do have Learning/Programme Aims for last year you would need to check the start date of the Learning/Programme Aims. This date needs to be in line with their Year Group membership dates.

Example: Learning and Programme Aim start date is 27/08/23 and Year Group Membership of Y12 starts 01/09/2023. This would mean that at the time their Learning/Programme Aim started they were not in a Post 16 Year Group Membership.

Changing the Learning/Programme Aim start date to reflect the date they started in Year 12 should resolve the error.

Access: In order to edit Learning Aims individually via the Student Profile you would need access to Learning Aims found under the Framework Module > Students > New Student Details > Enrolment > Learning Aims of Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions

Permissions to edit Learning Aims via Student Profile

To edit the dates individually navigate to the Student’s Profile Page > Enrolments > Programme Aims With Learning Aims/Learning Aims (Not Attached to a Programme Aim) and choose the + to edit.

To edit in bulk our guides for this are on the links in red:

How to use Bulk Learning Aim Update

How To Manage Programme Aims

Important: Once any changes have been made, you will need to create a new Census return completing save and validate, to retrieve the amendments and clear the error/query.

Updated on February 22, 2024

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