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Bromcom Go-Live Checklist

This guide provides a suggested list of areas to work through to set up your Bromcom system, once the live system has been handed to you.

This guide is most relevant to schools who have been migrated from a previous MIS – blank system set ups are not covered in this guide.

This list is not exhaustive and there is a longer list of configurations available under the Configuration Module.

Pre requisites:

  1. Training for the key areas you are trying to configure; and
  2. The correct permissions to make the changes.

Guide covers:

  1. Core Setup Tasks
  2. Additional Setup Tasks
  3. Registering for the Community and Technical Support

Core Setup Tasks

Below are some key setup tasks that are likely to be needed for all schools.

This list is not exhaustive and there is a longer list of configurations available under the Configuration Module

TaskDetail and Link to Guide
1Check your data has migrated successfully – as this is the live migration it is unlikely that there are any issues with your migration, but it is worth completing a final check. If you do spot any issues please email your Bromcom deployment manager.You can use the below guide and video:

Data Migration Sign Off Checklist

Data Migration Sign Off Video

2Check core details are correct and update your logoGo to Config > Administration > Core Details, or read this guide
3Update Admissions SettingsGo to Config > Administration > Admissions Setting, or read this guide
4Update Communication SettingsGo to Config > Communication > Configurations
5Update Security SettingsGo to Config >Setup >Security Settings to enable Single Sign On, 2FA, etc.
6Assign Roles and Permissions for StaffAll staff are allocated a basic teacher role, after the migration. Go to Others > Users to assign higher permissions.
7Setup Single Sign On (SSO) so staff can loginPlease see this guide. If you are setting these up for the test system or a demo system, remember to unlink the user accounts, before you go live
8Give Staff their Login Details, if not using SSOIf you are not setting up Single Sign On (see step 7), you can ask staff to use the Forgotten Login Details process to set their own credentials.
9Assign Roles and Permissions for Third PartiesAny third party systems you wish to integrate your live system with. Please see this guide for how to create a third party user account
10Set Session Timeout (this will be based on your security policies).Please see this guide
11Enable Google or Office 365 Integration, if you have purchased thisGoogle Integration Guide
Office 365 Integration Guide
12Set SMTP settings, if not using Bromcom (Bromcom is the default SMTP)Please see this guide
13Configure SMS, including purchasing SMS messagesGo to Config > Communication > Configurations, and then to purchase SMS Messages – Modules > Communication > Overview; or see this guide.

Additional Setup Tasks

Some of the below may be needed depending on the configuration and data you wish to import before you go live.

1Check Attendance Codes AccessGo to Config > Attendance > Attendance Codes and check that teachers have access to only the ones you wish for them to enter.
2Import any custom roles you have created in your test/another systemPlease see this guide
3Schools coming from non-SIMS MIS systems: Import staff and student photosPlease see this guide and note the size limits
4Import assessment dataPlease see guides:
Import data from a marksheet

Import data from a CSV
5Import assessment marksheetsAny marksheets created in training will need to be exported then imported into the live system
6Import behaviour configuration from pathwaysAny behaviour pathways will need to be exported and imported into the live system
7Apply any timetable model you have created in third party software From Nova-T, please see this guide

From e-Timetable, please see this video
8Import any bespoke reportsAny bespoke reports, for example created in training
9Import any student documents Any documents you wish to transfer from another system, please see this guide.
10Set Register Update ParametersGo to Config > Attendance > Register Update Parameters or use this guide to support you

Signing up for the Community and Technical Support

Signing up for the Community (https://community.bromcomcloud.com/) is one of the most important things you can do before going live. The Community enables you to tap into the knowledge of thousands of Bromcom users, who will be able to support you with common setup tasks, and questions about the software, and build up your Bromcom network.

When the Deployment phase is completed, you can register contacts, who have received training, to get access to the telephone and online Bromcom desk support. All registered contacts will receive their invitation from Bromcom support.

Your Bromcom project manager would have explained this process to you, and the process is also explained in the Bromcom Support Desk Guide.

Once registered on the Bromcom support portal, users will automatically get access to the Community, even if they are not yet added to Bromcom support. You can also email community@bromcom.com.

Please read the Bromcom Support Desk Guide for more information about registration and the service.

Updated on January 18, 2024

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